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(bc the last chapter was too long... again)
[bittersweet - panic! at the disco]

after a few moments of waiting on the cold ice, mia finally came with a tall guy wearing dark clothes. the guy was probably the skating coach.

“are you two still alright down there?” the coach asked with a southern accent.

“yes, we're okay. kind of.” i muttered. i was shivering from the cold, but robin and i just didn't bother it since both of us were chatting while we were waiting for them.

guess the cold didn't bother us, anyway.

the coach sat down on the ice then tried demonstrating us how to stand up on the ice.

“so first, you just have to cross your legs.” he crossed his legs as both of us did the same. “and then, kneel. after that, you push yourself up.”

i kneeled on the ice then tried pushing myself up from the ice.

“wait, wait, i can't do it!” i laughed. i couldn't carry my weight until the coach helped me lift myself up. i started slipping again but grabbed on the side bars immediately.

“i'm really sorry, it's our first time skating here..” i apologised as oyster helped robin stand up from the ice.

“it's alright, first timers usually tend to fall. but, you also learn how to get back up again. like the saying goes.” he added. robin stood up then tried walking slowly towards the side bar.

“maybe both of you should rest on the bench first. both of you looked exhausted sitting on the ice.” the coach suggested.

“yeah, but you can also still skate if you guys want to. we'll just be on the rink.” mia added. robin nodded in reply, then both of us walked towards the exit slowly.

“well, that felt like hell...” i sighed as both of us sat down. “i didn't expect skating would be this tiring.”

“me either.” robin replied. “but hey, at least we now know what skating is like after twenty years of my existence.”

“you do have a point, though.” i responded. both of us went silent as we were staring at the skating rink. i noticed a lot of people fell, including the trainees.

“i somehow want to go back.” he stood up from the bench, then tried pulling me up. forcing me to go back to the rink.

“what the hell are you doing?” i questioned.

“can we go back?” he asked as he tried pulling me up from my seat.

“what- no!” i whined.




“fine.” i stood up from the bench then walked towards the rink's entrance. “but don't blame me if we fall on the ice again.”

“i promise!” he shouted, making me chuckle. both of us stepped on the ice again then grabbed on to the bars and started walking.

after a few minutes of walking around the ice, robin patted my shoulder.

“hey, we should try letting go of the bars again.” he suggested as he lets go of the side bar.

“and then, what? we're going to fall again and have trouble standing up again?” i questioned.

“the coach taught us awhile ago, remember?” he reminded. “don't worry, i got you.”

“alright, alright, fine.” i rolled my eyes then let go of the side bar.

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