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(still your point of view)
[ my face - dodie clark ]

"okay y/n, it's currently 1:30 in the evening." i told myself.

"i have to leave the house at exactly 2:00 so keep your shit together. " i calmed myself down and opened my closet door.

i took my navy blue sweater, black jeans and some good 'ol sneakers.

i quickly took a bath, wore my clothes, and did my hair.

i wore my bag and ran downstairs just to open the door.

and surprisingly, as i opened the door, robin was already here waiting..


"hi." he gave me a goofy smile.

"i thought that you'll be waiting in your house. am i late?" i asked him.

"what? no.. i just.. thought that you might get confused on the directions and stuff." he scratched the back of his neck.

i heard my mum's footsteps getting closer and closer.

"y/n, who was-" my mum stopped when he saw robin.

"oh hi, you must be y/n's friend, robin!" mum went out the door.

"uh, hi mrs. l/n." he smiled.

"anyways mum, i'm just gonna visit robin's house for awhile. i'll be back later." i hugged my mum.

"okay, you kids have fun!" mum waved goodbye and went inside the house.

"are we going to walk?" i asked robin while i was adjusting my bag.

"well, no. because..." he took a bright red bicycle from the side. "we'll be riding a bicycle. "

"wouldn't i fall from that?" i pointed at the other seat of the bicycle.

"you're not gonna fall, trust me. you just have to hold on tight." he rode on the bicycle.


"just hop on now, you're not gonna fall." he giggled softly.

so, without further a do, i sat at the back of the bicycle.

robin started moving the bicycle which is making me scared so i was probably holding him too hard.

"calm down, y/n. you'll be fine." he laughed.

"seriously, you're laughing at me while i'm here, suffering because i might fall? wow, you're such a good friend." i rolled my eyes.

"you haven't rode a bike before?" he asked me.

"yes. honestly, i don't usually do outdoor activities so, i don't know how to ride a bike." i replied.

all he ever did was giggle again.


"here we are!" robin exclaimed as both of us went off the bicycle.

"welcome to the house of the skinner's, y/n!" he welcomed.

he parked his bicycle then both of us went inside his house.

when we got inside, robin was greeted by a cat.

"hi fig!" robin carried the cat and started hugging the cat which made me say "awe."

"is that your cat?" i asked him while i started petting fig.

"yeah, his name is fig." robin lets fig down and the cat was looking at me for a moment then walked away.

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