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[primadonna - marina and the diamonds]

the next day, i finally got to janine's house a little earlier than the time we planned last monday.

her house almost looked like a mansion yet it looked pretty old.

i pressed the doorbell near their gate then waited for a few minutes until a guy opened the gate.

"oh, good afternoon, sir. i'm janine's classmate, y/n. is she here?" i asked.

"she's upstairs." the guy replied grumpily. he left the gate open so i came in their house then closed the gate.

after going upstairs, i noticed that janine's bedroom door was open. so i knocked on the door then saw her using her phone, laughing.

"i'm here." i went near her bed then tapped her shoulder (she was wearing her earphones).

"oh, hey." she replied as she took her earphones off. "so uh... why are you here?"

"don't you remember?" i questioned.

"no." janine shook her head. "why, what was it?"

"the mother effing presentation in economics, genius." i rolled my eyes.

"oh, right. forgot about that." janine suddenly took her laptop then opened it. "here, do it on your own." she gave me her laptop.

"excuse me?" i scoffed. "janine, we're supposed to work together. that's just not how it works." i explained. i was trying not to be annoyed.

"i've let you borrow my laptop, isn't that helping?" janine asked.

"we're paired for a reason, janine." i replied.

"you know how to make presentations, right? then go make them. i don't even know how to make one slide anyway." janine wore her earphones on again then used her phone.

"for fuck's sake," i muttered. i took out my notebooks then started typing one of the topics.


while i was making the fourth slide, i noticed janine was listening to some ariana grande songs and staring at some shawn mendes pictures on google.

even though she was wearing earphones on, i can still hear 7 rings blasting through it.

"hey y/n," janine called as she tapped my shoulder numerous times.

"what?" i asked.

"do you think he's hot?" janine showed me a picture of shawn mendes who's shirtless. i cringed when she mentioned the word hot.

"no thanks," i replied as i was typing on the keyboard.

"wow, well, you're disappointing." janine commented. "you should really be looking for guys like him." she pointed on her phone.

i. had. enough of her.

i took her earphones off her ears then threw her phone on the other side of her room.

"are you naturally this much of a pain to others, or are you just trying to annoy me just because i'm here?" i questioned.

"you threw my phone!" janine exclaimed.

"you should be helping me making this goddamn presentation for fuck's sake, janine!" i answered.

"do you even know how much that phone costs?!" she shouted louder.

"janine, if both of you are just going to shout things at each other than doing your homework, get out of the house now!" her dad's voice echoed from downstairs.

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