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[do you love someone - grouplove]

“so, where are we going first?” robin asked as both of us started walking.

“the bookstore.” i replied. “i want to see new books.”

“wow, you really do love books, huh?” robin commented whilst fixing his hat.

“oh, a lot. my life would be boring without them.” i answered as i hopped around a little. “we're not going to buy books today, though.”

“why's that?” he asked.

“i'm broke,” i laughed. “i'm just going to add any book that i find interesting to my wishlist.”

“so your wishlist is mostly books?” robin asked.

“you could say that, sure.” i replied. both of us went inside the bookstore then saw tons of good books on the table.

“hey, i have this book.” robin rushed towards a book called rhett and link's book of mythicality.

“you watch rhett and link?” i asked. he suddenly started smiling as he scanned the book.

“yes, i do.” he answered as he placed the book back to where it was found. “my mum and i always watch their videos, including their challenges and ads.”

“they're pretty entertaining, in my opinion.” i added whilst staring at the book.

“right?” robin responded. i walked towards the fiction section while robin followed.

i scanned the whole shelves, trying to find an interesting book. there were also a pile of books down the floor as well.

“what about this?” robin took out a book called fifty shades of grey from another shelf.

“what the fuck, robbie?” i tried not to laugh but failed. “just... no!”

“what, it's a good book!” he defended.

“ew, you perv.” i joked. “sure, a book that's actually a fanfiction of twilight is a good book.” i commented with a sarcastic tone.

“i was just kidding, i've never read it yet.” he placed the book back in the shelf.

“uh hey robbie,” i awkwardly called him.

“what's up?” robin responded.

“east.” i joked. robin scratched his head, looking confused.


“east is up.” i replied. “get it? east is up? it's a goddamn reference, oh my gosh.”

“what reference?” he questioned.

“east is up, i'm fearless when i hear this on the low.” i sang with a different range. “east is up, i'm careless when i wear my rebel clothes... eh?”

“east is up, when bishops come together they will know that...” robin started singing, almost bopping his head a little. “dema don't control us, dema don't control east is up!” both of us sang in unison.

“nico and the niners? twenty one pilots?” robin asked.

“exactly.” i nodded. robin started laughing as both of us started walking again. “by the way, i always used to go here everytime i get... stressed or maybe if i just wanted to isolate myself.”

“so you want to be alone now?” robin questioned. “i can leave you alone, if you want to. i wouldn't mind-”

“no,” i chuckled. “i don't go here that much anymore. i'm gonna be honest, i felt less lonely when i met you.” i said smiling.

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