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(your point of view)
[exhausted - chloe moriondo]

the next day was just as usual.. waking up almost late, brushed my teeth, ate cereal, and went to school (without robin, though).

although, he did spam me messages to wake me up by sending me memes and pictures of him and fig.

as i was walking towards the hallway, kia greeted me.

"hi y/n!!" she greeted me with a big smile. her and deishauna found out my facebook (actually, kia found me) and started chatting me for 3 hours.

"hey, kia." i replied. she took my arm and both of us started walking.

"how was your sleep?" i asked her, she told me last night she couldn't sleep well so she decided to find my account.

"not so nice, i guess.." she answered. "i had to listen to music for i guess, two more hours. so, i only slept for an hour."

"don't you feel sleepy?" i asked her again, she just shrugged.

"i'm not really sleepy." she giggled. sleeping makes me feel stressed." she added.

"so, where's your friend?" i asked her while both of us sat down near the school garden.

"she's currently in the loo." she wore her headphones.

"does she know we're here?" i questioned.

"yeah, i texted her." she took her phone and noticed that she started listening to "lemon boy."

"wow.." i chuckled, she took her headphones off.

"what? "wow" what?" she questioned.

"nothing, you're just currently listening to lemon boy.." i answered.

"oh.." she chuckled. "um, yeah. i usually listen to his songs on repeat. honestly, his voice is amazing. he's really talented and i somehow aspire to be like him someday." she explained.

"hey guys!" i saw deishauna approaching us.

science was disappointing.

getting a six out of fifteen in our quiz made me anxious and stress the crap out of me.

as our science teacher got out of the classroom, the classroom got more noisier.

all of my classmates started playing and shouting whilst most of the girls were talking to each other and laughing.

as always, i wore my earphones and just sat there. no one didn't want to talk with me, no one really cared about me. thinking about it again made me feel depressed.

while the middle of the classrom was being crowded, our math teacher - ms. abbie walked in to the room.

"good morning, class." ms. abbie greeted.

"good morning, ms. abbie." all of us replied. even though that i was bad at math, i really liked her as a teacher.

"so announcement," she went to the teacher's desk. "sir johnson will not be your adviser anymore." she added, most of my classmates got disappointed.

"why?" sabrina asked.

"well, he got hired on another job." ms. abbie simply replied. i was a tad bit amused. honestly, my mum and i didn't really like sir johnson ever since day three.

"then, who's gonna be our adviser for this year?" lucas asked.

"i was supposed to explain that, lucas.." ms. abbie replied, but she just shrugged. "actually, i will be your new adviser for this batch and other future batches." my eyes lit up.

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