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[itchin' on a photograph - grouplove]

i was helping my mum harvesting some of her plants in the garden while she was watering some of her herbs.

my mum invited me to go outside since she noticed i usually stayed indoors. she told me to put my phone inside the house, but i didn't anyway because i didn't want to.

suddenly, my phone rang. it was buzzing and it was playing mr. brightside really loudly– loud enough to make my mum hear.

“y/n, what did i tell you about you and your phone?” mum questioned. i took my phone out of my pocket then checked who was calling. i thought that it was robbie calling, wanting to update me about fig– but it wasn't.

it was janine, how unusual to see.

robin was the only active contact that i have and he's the one who usually calls and texts me.

“i better take this...” i told my mum.

“who's calling?” my mum asked.

“janine.” i replied casually. mum's face looked a little surprised.

“her again,” mum rolled her eyes. “what does she want from you now?”

i accepted the call then went inside the house.

“hello.” i greeted.

“you weren't answering my texts online!” she shouted, making me move my phone away from my ear.

“our wifi's down, what is up?” i asked. i tried keeping cool as possible.

“school. now. urgent. this instant.” janine responded.

“maybe a little bit more information?” i requested.

“bring your camera, we'll stay here until seven in the evening.” janine replied.

“what for? is there something happening?” i questioned.

“you'll be helping us decorate the whole school with paper hearts and banners.” janine answered. “the party is also in two days so you better help us.”

“sure,” i replied. “but– why do i have to bring my camera for that?” i asked.

for proof.”

“proof for what?” i questioned.

we'll be publishing this on the school's monthly.” janine replied. “you better participate or else i will-”

“sure, sure. i'll be there in a minute.” i answered with a sarcastic tone on my voice then ended the call.

i went inside my room then dressed up with a plain shirt, trousers, some sneakers, and a jacket since i was feeling a little cold.

i took my camera from the desk then checked if its battery was still full.

“yup, still full.” i told myself as i turned on the camera. i turned it off then placed the camera inside my bag including a journal, a pen, and my charger.

after going downstairs, i noticed my mum was done gardening and was filling the kettle with water.

“hey, why are you all dressed up?” mum kindly asked.

“i have to go to school, janine forced me to.” i replied with a sigh, her face started to look annoyed about it.

“why? is she up to something again?” my mum questioned. “y/n, i suggest you not go.”

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