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[poison - cavetown]

i woke up around five in the morning and started checking notifications and messages (it's now considered as my morning routine).

suddenly, again, our school group chat were flooded with janine and the other girls' messages mentioning and asking our other classmates if they already have a suit for the winter thing event that i wasn't really looking forward to come to.

callie: @y/n have you bought a dress for the winter ball?

amy: callie and i just bought dresses, we just wanted to ask if you already bought one. ☺

"no, nor will i actually buy one just for that stupid ball.." i thought. i don't really have a thing for dresses, i just thought it was too girly for me.

janine: just bought one from the store last night!!

she sent a picture of her gown to the group chat, it was pink and it looked flowy.

(kinda looks like this...)

sabrina: 😍

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sabrina: 😍

amy: that looks so beautiful ❤

callie: you'd look like a pretty princess 😘

i rolled my eyes in disgust. reading their messages made me cringe, i could scream.

janine: how about you y/n.. got your dress?

y/n: and why tf do you care?

lucas: oof, buurnn hahahaha

janine: stfu lucas.

i laughed at lucas' comment.

janine: don't you want to win best in costume?

amy: oh yeah that.. ms abbie told us that if someone wins best costume, they'll give you a +10 in math as a prize.

i closed my phone and dragged my bum downstairs and decided to go to the winter ball- even though i didn't really want to go. but i'll only attend the winter ball just for my grades. just for my grades!

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