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(your point of view)
[ teenagers - my chemical romance ]

it was back to school and i was honestly, suffering.

look, i love school. it's just that my classmates suck. i had a feeling where i feel like all my classmates secretly hate me, it makes me anxious.

even though i was at that same school for 5 years, it didn't really boost my social skills nor did i actually gained friends (well, robin's my first friend, surprisingly.).

i took a shower, wore my uniform, ate my breakfast, and kissed my mum and brothers goodbye.

my dad decided to take me to school since, he's going to his work too.

while i was in the car, a notification popped up in my phone. it was robin.

"henlo :3"

i couldn't help but smile like a dork.

"hi robbieee" i replied.

i locked my phone but he suddenly messaged again.

"how are u?"


"we're here, y/n." dad noticed me typing at my phone smiling. "why are you smiling? well, that's new."

"it's nothing dad," i chuckled. "i'll be heading off now, bye dad." i took my bag from the car seat and got out of the car.

as i got out of the car, anxiety and stress started kicking in which made me feel a tad bit dizzy.

"well, i guess here goes nothing.." i sighed and got inside our school.

it was loud. pretty loud. it made my head ache.

i went straight to the classroom and sat at my chair whilst watching my classmates being really loud.

sadly, these people don't get too excited about my existence nor actually care about me.

five years ago (i was in year seven), i tried being friends with them. especially, the girls.

the girls here are really, really, really, girly. sometimes it just makes me annoyed??

usually, they talk about boys and dancing and etcetera..

one of them told me i'd look pretty if i didn't have pimples. (because they don't have pimples, which made me a little jealous.)

and if i try joining in to their conversation, they get silent and literally, try to stay away from me.

"good morning class." our english teacher/adviser greeted. "good morning, sir johnson." we replied.

also, our adviser sucks too. sir johnson usually talks about his life instead of teaching and he usually ignored complains from parents. he ignores me.

"i'll be teaching you something but first, something happened about me and my friend.." i quietly groaned and didn't listen to the whole class since, all he does is chatting.

*time skip to recess bc idk how british education works im sorry*

i sat on an empty seat and started eating a sandwich that i bought from the canteen. (yeah, im broke :D)

my phone buzzed so i took it out from my pocket to check it out. it was robin again.

"are u gonna be busy after school? 😀"

"kind of i guess.. why?" i turned off my phone again and ate my sandwich, my phone buzzed again.

"plz visit. me and figgy feelz lonelyyy ;;n;;" this response made me laugh that i almost choked on my sandwich.

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