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(i'm giving y'all an 8d audio one bc why not XD)
[greek god - conan gray]

(fast forward to march) as the bell rang, i went to our next subject which was music. i saw our former music teacher and ms. abbey came inside the classroom so i went in immediately.

i sat down on my seat, placed my bag down then took my pen and notebook.

"hey students, i'm back." ms. lopez greeted with a peace sign. she was the most chill and laid back teacher ever yet you wouldn't fool her at all. “before i say anything, ms. abbey would like to announce something.”

“thank you, ms. lopez. good to have you back, by the way.” ms. abbey happily greeted. “so students, i have an exciting announcement to tell you all;” every announcement ms. abbey tries to tell seem thrilling for her. “we will be hosting a variety show in this  school and... wait for it, all of you will be performing!”

“how's that exciting?” i questioned.

“it's exciting because everyone can showcase their talents, y/n.” ms. abbey explained.

“but what if we don't have talents?”

“maybe you just haven't discovered it yet.” ms. lopez winked. one time, she had let me sing in front of the whole class; she told me that i had potential in music.

“should we be performing as solo or as a group?” janine rose her hand.

“i'd suggest that all of you should perform as a group since the second batch will be performing too.” ms. abbey crossed her arms. “sabrina, janine, i will assign the both of you as the leaders.” everyone groaned.

psh, obviously...” i muttered.

“just an idea, maybe all of you can sing something in acapella?” ms. lopez suggested as she went to janine.

“well, what can we sing?” sabrina asked ms. lopez, looking for suggestions.

“any ideas, ms. l/n?” my eyes widened when i heard ms. lopez calling my name.

“oh... uh... i don't know, ” i let out a nervous laugh as i stood up from my seat, facing ms. lopez. “most of the stuff that i listen to are mostly... um... old a-and are not that mainstream? so uh, you should just– ask them, not me.” i twiddled my thumbs.

“well, okay then. tell me an old song that you know.” she smiled as she wrapped her arm on my side, trying to comfort me. “don't be shy, you can always spill your ideas here.” what she didn't knew was i was always shy around her.

“i guess... anything from queen or from the beatles?” i responded. i noticed sabrina trying not to roll her eyes.

“ooh, interesting! i always listen to them.” ms. lopez exclaimed. “what song specifically?”

“well, if we will sing queen, maybe somebody to love? bohemian rhapsody, or good old-fashioned lover boy.” i suggested. “if the beatles, it's either let it be or hey jude.”

somebody to love sounds better.” ms. lopez told janine and sabrina.


“we're not going to sing that shitty song anymore.” sabrina gave me the song pieces back.

“but– i just printed them!” i followed sabrina as she started walking away. “i literally had to waste drops of ink on my printer just for these.”

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