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[little love - maddie jay]

(your point of view)

the next day, i started fixing on what i was going to wear on the party.

“you're going to that girl's stupid party again?” my mum questioned, looking pissed off after i told her that i was going to janine's party. “can't you just be excused instead?”

“i really wish i could mum,” i responded. “i'm their photographer. also, i need it for grades.” i took all my clothes out of my wardrobe.

“y/n, how many times do i have to tell you that grades doesn't define your future?” she rolled her eyes as she opened the door.

“mum, i can handle myself. it's just a dumb valentines party that i won't be participating that much. they told me to take pictures, that's it.” after a few minutes of trying to find something decent to wear, i found a my chemical romance shirt and a skirt that was above the knee.

“aren't you going to wear something formal?” mum asked as she took one of my old dresses.

“does it matter?” i questioned. “honestly, i don't really care. what matters is that i'm actually wearing something.” i took a pair of socks from the cabinet then took my sneakers.

“you'll be wearing that skirt?” she pointed at my skirt, looking horrified.

“yeah, what's the problem with it?”

“it's too short!” she exclaimed, taking the skirt away.

“mum, the skirt's literally just above the knee.” i explained. “it's their style.”

“you wear this one.” mum threw a skirt that was similar to my skirt's colour— except— it was longer.

“mum, i'll look like a grandma.” i whined.

“and why's that?”

“it's too long...”

“at least you won't look like you're teasing.”

“you know what, i'll just wear jeans instead.” i threw the skirt at the bed then took my jeans.

all of a sudden, my phone beeped. i unlocked my phone then saw janine's message on the groupchat.

janine wilson: i am pleased to inform everyone that our valentines party will be held in the school's garden. the event will start at exactly four in the afternoon onwards. PLEASE DO NOT BE LATE (especially you, y/n). see you there, peeps!

“okay...” i sighed then set an alarm to two in the afternoon. i fixed my bed once again then put all of my clothes back to my wardrobe in a very sluggish manner.

i took my camera from the desk, charged it, then went to fix my bag.

after a few minutes, i crawled back to bed then slept again since i woke up pretty late at that time (also, i took brunch so i wasn't really hungry).


i took my bag from the desk, unplugged my camera from its charger, then walked out of my room with a phone on my hand.

“hey mum,” i greeted as i ran downstairs. she was in the kitchen, preparing sandwiches with my brother.

“you're still going?” my mum questioned— except, she sounded less annoyed by it than awhile ago.

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