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[wtf - boy pablo]

it was a sunny afternoon yet i felt really lazy at that day. my hair was all messed up, was eating cereal from the box, and was watching tv shows for at least two hours.

i wasn't feeling productive at that time since we didn't have school today, our teachers had to have a meeting with the principal. 

“y/n, can you come over here just a minute?” my mum called. i got up from the couch then ran upstairs, she was inside her room fixing and organising some stuff.

“do you need anything?” i asked as i went inside their bedroom.

the room was filled with old dusty books, old shoes, and a pile of broken toys.

mum stood up from the floor then came up to me with four books on her hand.

“since you're not that busy today, i have a little favour for you.” mum blew off the dust from the books, making me sneeze. “oh, sorry about that. is it okay if you bring these books to the local library?” she gave the books to me.

“wait, aren't these dad's textbooks from when he was in university?” i questioned as i read some of the pages.

“yeah, why did you ask?” she replied.

“these are still useful though.” i commented as i kept reading on one of the books.

“are you going to take accounting when you go to university?” mum asked.

“no, i guess?”

“and i'm pretty sure your brothers don't want to take it as well.” mum sat down on her bed then started fixing old clothes. i rolled my eyes then walked out until i started thinking, “maybe i should go outside and read in the library for awhile?”

“hey mum,” i ran back to her bedroom. “is it okay if i... go outside?” mum gave me a puzzled look.

“what do you mean? i already told you to go outside so you can bring those books to the library.” mum answered.

“no, i meant like staying outside for awhile. you know what i mean?” i tried to explain, she just nodded her head.

“well, sure.” she replied as she sighed. “but you better go home before seven.”

“i'm not going to stay outside that long. i'll be right back at six.” i ran back to my bedroom then started preparing my stuff.


as i was walking through the park, a few memories of me being lonely started flooding in to my mind.

there were those days where i had to run away and stay here because of feeling anxious, an argument from y parents, or if i just want to go outside alone.

i felt my phone buzz from my pocket so i took it out then opened my phone.

🍋: sorry i didn't respond yesterday. i was busy.

and without hesitation, i called him on the phone. he surprisingly answered.

“hi,” i heard robbie chuckle from the phone.

“hi,” a smile started creeping on my face. “how is everything?”

“stressful.” robin sighed. “i've been doing a lot of things since last week, it is making me tired.” he laughed.

“oof, are you alright?” i asked him.

“yeah, i guess.” he replied. i continued walking around while the both of us were talking on the phone.

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