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[bittersweet - panic! at the disco]
(your point of view)

after recording and editing the song for a few weeks, robin told me he was about to post it on his bandcamp, youtube, spotify, etc.

but before that, robin invited me to his house so i could listen to the whole song first. since, i haven't heard it yet.

i wore the headphones that was hanging on the computer while robin pressed the play button to make the song play.

listening to it, the song was upbeat. until i recognized my voice in some parts of the song, i just felt stunned.

"wow," i laughed in amusement. "i can't believe that's my voice.."

"thanks to autotune." he added. "just kidding. well, kind of.. but your voice still sounds amazing though, even without autotune."

after listening and bopping through the whole song, i removed the headphones from my ears and unplugged it from the computer.

"that was a rollercoaster.. " i laughed. "i don't really know if i should cringe or if i should feel proud?"

"feel proud. your vocals sound great, in my opinion." he added. "even chloe's."


"chloe moriondo? do you know her?" he asked.

"yes, her covers are amazing!" i replied. surprisingly, i discovered her channel on youtube before robin.

"yeah, she helped us with the song. she's including her song on the album too." he explained.

"how come i didn't notice her singing in the other vocals?" i asked him.

"it's because her voice is mixed to some of your vocals." he replied.

suddenly, robin's computer started ringing.

"looks like someone wanted to call you.." he joked. the person who wanted to video call was the one and only, chloe moriondo.

"hey, robbie." chloe greeted on the screen. i sat there near the screen with my eyes wide and frozen.

"hi chloe, someone wants to meet you." robin pointed at me, making me glare at him.

"who?" chloe asked.

"um... hi," i awkwardly greeted. "i'm y/n."

"sorry, i didn't catch that. what?" she said as she adjusted her earphones.

"i'm y/n." i responded. chloe suddenly gasped.

"wait, i know you! robin told me about you. by the way, rob sent me the song that both of you recorded. you sing beautifully!" she complemented. i felt a smile creeping on my face.

"oh, uh thanks." i replied. "your covers are amazing."

"thanks!" she giggled.

"y/n, are you blushing?" robin asked.

"what? i don't know, am i?" i questioned.

"yeah, you are." he laughed, making chloe laugh too.

"oh god, i'm so sorry..." i apologised.


few days later, i was on my bed doing nothing. i felt a little lazy since because it started snowing.

i took my sketchpad and a small pouch that's filled with pencils, ink pens, and coloured markers, then started drawing and doodling random stuff.

i unlocked my phone, took my headphones from the shelf, then plugged it in to my phone; playing songs on shuffle.

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