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*robin's point of view*
[ ocean eyes - billie eilish ]

it was a gloomy afternoon so i decided to go to a coffee shop and i guess chill for awhile.

supposed to be, my friends are coming with me but, they were busy. so, i'm all alone.

after ordering, i sat down while waiting for the coffee that i ordered.

i stared at the window near my table for a moment thinking some stuff.

my friends have asked me about my love life since last week and honestly, i'm now also starting to ask myself about it too.

how come no one's making my heart skip a beat?

maybe because i don't usually think about those kinds of stuff or am i just too busy making music?

i honestly don't know.

"robin?" the barista called.

i stood up from my seat and started walking towards the counter until

i accidentally bumped in to a girl causing her book to fall to the floor.

i stopped for a moment to help her get her book on the floor (because that would be disrespectful if you didn't help someone that you accidentally bumped in to).

as i bent down to help her, she started staring at me.

her hair was a tad messy, her eyes were like stars, i couldn't even look away.

"uhm, s-s-sorry if i dropped your book." i stuttered.

"oh, no. don't worry! uhm, it's not your fault. i wasn't looking on where i was going.." she gave a shy laugh.

"are you okay?" i asked her.

"y-yeah, i'm fine. thanks." she smiled as she took her book.

"so uh, i'll uh.. just be getting my coffee now.." i awkwardly walked away while i heard her chuckle.

gosh, i have never felt my cheeks burning up.

i took my coffee and sat on the same table that i sat on awhile ago.

as she was ordering on the counter, i couldn't help but stare at her.

it's like she's the center of attention or something..

words cannot express on what i feel about her right now, but i am honestly confused.

after she finished ordering, she started looking around finding a place to sit. most of the seats were taken.

she started walking towards my seat and sat down.

"would you mind if i sit here for awhile? all the seats are taken." the girl asked.

"sure. actually, i am feeling kind of lonely since my friends aren't with me." i confessed.

"well, that's sad.." she replied.

"yeah.." i chuckled.

"we can be friends i-if you want." she suggested.

"y'know, if you want to.. but, it's okay if you don't want to-"

"no, i do want to." i cut her.

all she ever did was smile.

her smile made me smile.

"what's your name, by the way?" i asked her.

"y/n l/n. i'm currently 18 and i like reading books." she replied.

"and i suppose you are robin skinner?" she asked me.

"well, yeah. how did you know?"

"i've heard some of your songs. they were pretty good." y/n said as she started reading the book that she was holding awhile ago.

"the fault in our stars?" i asked.

"the fault in our stars." she nodded.

"hazel grace?" the barista called.

"that's me!" she exclaimed.

she ran towards the counter and got her drink.

as she sat down, she read the cup and she laughed.

"wait, your name is hazel grace??" i asked her.

"no, i just faked my name. hazel grace is a character from the book that i was reading awhile ago." she took her cup and read the name that was written from the barista.

"speaking of," she started giggling.

"what?" i asked.

"they still can't spell names right." she gave me he coffee cup and instead of "hazel grace", it became " hayzel grayes" instead and both of us started laughing.

"you know what y/n, i think you're fun to hangout with. even though we just met." i told her while i took a sip of my coffee that's almost cold.

"same." she replied with a smile.

both of us talked for 3 hours, we got close (i guess). she gave me her number so, well, yeah. maybe.

sadly, we both said our goodbye's. i felt lonely again.

(a/n: hai so it's a bit short but bear with me, it'll get better.)

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