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[seashore - the regrettes]

as i woke up, i heard my phone popping up notifications. my head was feeling better, but hearing it pop up minute by minute made me feel annoyed and about to explode.

i took my phone and opened it to check the notifications. i thought it was robin but turns out, it wasn't. it was our school's group chat and they couldn't stop mentioning me in their conversations.

janine: @y/n you haven't been going to school ever since two days ago. you have to go back, now.

i just shrugged and replied janine's message.

y/n: i got sick.

y/n: i was forced to stay in the house.

sabrina: tf

sabrina: we have an upcoming activity this month and i do not want us to lose!

"don't you mean you don't want to lose?" i ranted and rolled my eyes.

janine: you need to go to school now.

y/n: again, i'm SICK. i literally just fainted three days ago! i can't go to school having a bad headache..

janine: no one cares

janine: stop making excuses

janine: u better go to school now while we still have time. if u don't go to school, you wouldn't get any grades for our english subject.

i groaned. but, she is the president of year thirteenths so i forced myself to get up and leave for school- even though my head still hurts a bit.

i took a shower, wore my uniform, and went downstairs with my bag. i saw my mum drinking tea and typing on her laptop while my brother was on the living room, fixing his stuff and waiting for his school bus to pick him up.

"y/n," she noticed me all dressed up for school. "you're going to school?"

i nodded. "but you're sick.."

"i'm fine, don't worry." i lied. well, not really because i was in a good mood awhile ago until sabrina and janine forced me to go to school- it somehow made my head hurt because of her annoyance. "i won't faint, i promise. besides, my head is feeling a little better now."

"if you say so," my mother sighed. "take care."

i went outside the house and the weather was gloomy. it felt like it was going to rain so, i took an umbrella just in case and went to school.


as i got inside our school, i noticed that most of the students were preparing their classrooms with colourful streamers and little snowflakes made out of paper and glitter. i suddenly felt lost and started thinking, "how long was i not here?"

the people were chattering everywhere and most of them looked busy decorating their classrooms- even the others tried decorating the school hallways. it was a little mesmerizing, but i was confused what was it for.

"y/n!" kia called. i noticed she was with deishauna, trying to cut little circles from boxes. i decided to walk towards them and chat a bit.

"hey," i greeted back. deishauna looked at me and stopped cutting circles from the boxes

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