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[choke - i don't know how but they found me]
(kind of a continuation of chapter nine)

as i came home extremely tired, i noticed my brother rush off from his seat and greeted me.

"hello, big sister." my brother politely greeted.

"yeah yeah, hi.. stop acting fancy." i teased, he just shrugged and took me to the table.

"i'm just trying to be polite," he added while he was slurping his chocolate milk. "you should be thanking me."

"whatever," i sat down. "okay so, what's the problem?"

"i don't get integers," he frowned. "it's confusing me." he gave me his notebook and showed me the questions.

"psh, too basic.." i tried convincing him.

"no, it isn't!" he exclaimed.

"look, it'd be easier if you calm down." i told him bossily. "did you listen to your teacher well?"

"of course," he answered. "i just don't get it."

"i see, maybe your teacher didn't explain it correctly.." i thought out loud.

"maybe.." he added.

i examined the questions on his notebook and tried remembering the good 'ol seventh year days - those days sucked, by the way..

"did your teacher tell you about the rules of integers?" i asked him.

"i think.." he answered. "oh crap, i forgot to take notes."

"aha! that's why you're stressed out. don't worry little bro, i got you." i took my pen and a clean notebook that no one used and wrote a few examples.

"so what's positive three plus positive two?" i asked him.

"uhh.. positive five?" he guessed whilst drinking his chocolate milk.

"correct." i answered. "so the first rule in adding integers is if both of the numbers have the same sign, the sign of the answer is the same. whether they're positive or negative." at the first few seconds of discussing it, i felt like a literal teacher.

"for example, what's positive eight plus positive four?" i asked him.

"positive twelve?" he answered.

"what about positive six plus positive five?"

"positive eleven." he replied confidently.

"negative three plus negative eight?"

"positive eleven."

"incorrect." i reported, he sipped his chocolate milk aggressively. "you're almost right. but, it's negative eleven." i added, he nodded his head.

"got it?" i questioned.

"yep." he answered. "wait, but what if the other one is positive while the other is negative?"

"i was about to get to that part." i replied. "that's the second rule, it actually depends."

"what do you mean?" he questioned.

"it depends on what number's higher. for example, positive eight plus negative three." i wrote on the notebook. "what's the highest number?"

"eight." he replied.

"so the answer here.." i encircled the sign. "will be positive."

"okay.." he nodded.

"and then, you'll subtract the two numbers." i added. "so what's eight minus three?"

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