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[tongue tied - grouplove]

"y/n, wake up!" my mum called as she opened the curtains, i covered my eyes as the sun glared at me.

"later, just one more minute..." i sighed then covered my face with a pillow but my mum pulled the blanket off me.

"for pete's sake, today's your graduation in school and we have to get up now." mum sat on my bed then took my pillow. "we need to go downstairs and eat breakfast first."

as both of us went downstairs, i took a bowl then poured cereal on it then poured the milk.

"well, looks like you changed your ways, huh?" my brother smirked.

"what do you mean?" i questioned then ate a spoonful of cereal.

"you used to pour the milk first then put on the cereal," he drank a cup of his hot cocoa. "it annoys me."

"it's just cereal, i don't care what others pour on their bowl first." i rolled my eyes then continued eating.

"hey y/n, what are you going to wear for the graduation?" mum asked as she sipped on her cup of tea. "did you prepare it last night?"

honestly, i thought of wearing that dress she wanted me to wear for that one party in school. the problem is, my mum might not let me use it.

"uh... mum, you see," i put my spoon down then let out a nervous laugh. "i was kind of hoping that you would let me use that old dress that you wanted me to wear a few months ago- you know, if it's okay with you."

mum all of a sudden smiled at me. "i mean, sure. you can use it,"


as mum zipped the dress up, i looked at myself in the mirror. the dress was all grey and the sleeves and the skirt had flowers and vines on them.

(this is what it looks like)

"now, quickly, put on your heels

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"now, quickly, put on your heels. we're going in a few minutes," mum gave me the old heels that didn't really fit on her anymore, my eyes widened as i realised it was so tall.

"mum, can't i just wear flats? or... anything?" i questioned.

"just go on and wear it," mum responded. i rolled my eyes then sighed. "when you're done, you can go downstairs." mum went out of the room, leaving me alone.

i looked at the shoes that mum gave me then started thinking- 'should i just listen to mum? or just wear whatever's comfortable?'

"i'm ditching these heels," i threw the heels on my bed then took my converse shoes instead. "hopefully no one notices it..."

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