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[weird around you - eerie summer]

three days later, robbie invited me to come over to his own house since he just moved in and i also wanted to help him fix some of his stuff.

both of us got there by robin's bicycle. well, robin was the one who's biking while i just rode on the back of the bike.

"oh, so you live in a flat now..." i said as both of us went inside his flat. there was a lot of boxes on the floor as well, making his flat look messy.

"yup," he responded then he placed his bicycle near the door. "it's still messy, i'm sorry for that."

"eh, it's fine. my bedroom's messier than your flat, anyways." i chuckled. i found one of his hats on the box then wore it. "does fig live here as well?"

"oh, no. fig lives with my dad now." robin replied, which made me frown.

"well, i will be missing him..." i sighed as i took his hat off then placed it back in the box.

"same," he replied then put some of the boxes away. "but i will be visiting him sometimes."

"i love fig a lot," i added.

"can tell," robin giggled.


"you usually notice him more than me."

"so, you're jelly?" i joked.

"why the hell would i be jelly?" he questioned. "i love fig with my whole heart and i appreciate that he likes being with you."

"wow, sure, whatever you say, robbie." i said with a sarcastic tone as i rolled my eyes.

"i'm serious," he whined then sat on a small bean chair.

"no, sirius is dead." i laughed as i sat next to him but ended up falling on the floor.

"are you okay?" robin asked.

"yeah, just realised that there was no space left..." i just sat on the floor instead then looked for other stuff from the box next to me. all of a sudden, i found a pair of glasses and a beanie then wore it.

"hey binbin,"


"knock knock," i tried to hold my laughter since i thought of a joke.

"what? who's there?" he asked.

i hesitated to say the word since i never said it out loud. "...hentai?"

"what the fuck, y/n?" he questioned, i just busted out laughing since i couldn't believe that i've said it out loud.

"just continue!" i exclaimed until robin started laughing as well.

"how... how could you- oh my god, " he couldn't stop laughing. "okay, hentai who?" he tried holding his laugh.

"okay, okay," i cleared my throat but ended up laughing a little. "uh... devil town is colder in the summertime, i'll lose my mind at least another thousand times, hold my hentai!"

"oh shit," he muttered. i was just there laughing too hard while robin was there, horrified. "i'll never hear that song the same way ever again, thanks to you."

"i'm so sorry, i swear,"

"just... why? why would you do that?"

"you know what, never mind about that joke. let's just start fixing these boxes." i stood up from the floor then pulled robin up from his bean chair.

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