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after december, it was time to go back to school again. i felt a little disappointed about the fact that i have to be with janine and her friends again for another two months.

"calm down, y/n. you're alright. today's just going to be fine." i told myself in the mirror. i sighed then wore my backpack. "you'll be okay."

i ran downstairs, took an apple from the fridge, greeted my parents good morning, then went straight to school.

as i was walking on my way to school, i ate my apple then wore my earphones on.

"y/n!" i heard a voice calling me. i turned around to see who it was then saw kia running towards me.

"oh, hi." i greeted as i bit on to my apple.

"we haven't seen each other in awhile since christmas break." she said as both of us started walking together.

"yeah," i replied. "uh deishauna told me you went to the winter thing at school?"

"oh yeah, that..." she rolled her eyes. "it was kind of boring, i nearly left in the middle of the dance. i only went there just to help my other friend out."

"help your friend about what?" i asked.

"she wanted to be friends with someone but she was too shy." kia replied.

"aww, that's actually kind of sweet." i commented. "so, what happened?"

"they became friends. they've talked about a lot of stuff during that event." she answered. "by the way, what did you do during christmas break?"

"well, we went to london and visited our relatives there. we also celebrated christmas at their house. i got a journal, some socks, and a chocolate bar." i replied. "what about you?"

"we went to the philippines and stayed in our hometown in rizal. we had so much fun, it was also kind of hot when we went there. but at night, it gets colder." she answered. "i think it was slightly raining when we went there. i don't really remember anymore."

"what did you get for christmas?" i asked kia.

"they're mostly food. i've got a few filipino candies, banana chips, a ball of queso de bola, and tikoy. i actually brought fried tikoy as my snack today." she pointed on her bag.

"tikoy? what's that?" i asked her.

"it's like a sweet rice cake that some people eat during chinese new year. i'm asian so..." she laughed.christmas. i was about to go inside the room, i heard girls rushing ahead of me calling my name.


"y/n, wait!" i recognised it was amy's voice. i rolled my eyes then faced them.

"look, since you didn't go to the dance..." amy stopped.

"we forgot to tell you that there will be a gift exchange." callie continued.

"and janine unexpectedly picked you." amy added.

"so, she wanted to give you this." callie gave me a small box that was covered in velvet.

i opened the box, it was a bracelet that was filled with musical notes on it.

"cool, is it cursed? 'cus i'd love to have one of those cursed bracelets." i was a little suspicious by it. since when did janine want to give me a gift?

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