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*next day*

"hey," my mum called me while i was munching on a few pancakes. "so.. how's you and your friend robin?" she randomly asked.

"uhm.. we're okay, i guess." i awkwardly replied, my mum looked like she wasn't convinced. she started acting a bit weird ever since robin and i became friends for a month now. "why'd you ask, anyways?"

"nothing.." she chuckled. "it's just.. are you guys really friends?" i got confused at my mum's question.

"well, yeah.. what's wrong?" i questioned her whilst drinking water.

"i don't know." she answered. "i just thought that you and robin are a thing." i heard my brother giggle.

"what? what do you mean by a thing, mum?"

"that you guys are dating." she replied, i stopped moving.


"i don't know, it's just that you never had a friend that's a guy." she explained. "when you and robin met each other, it's like both of you are dating. both of you are so close to each other.."

"mum, robin and i are just friends.. " i replied. "..and both me and robin just relate to each other. y'know, both of us like the same stuff and we understand each other. but, that doesn't mean we're dating."

"oh really?" my brother shouted, i just rolled my eyes and took my bag from my chair.

"i guess i'll be going now." it's seven thirty in the morning and i've got to go. i stood up from my seat and went to the door with my mum.

as i opened the door, i heard a bell ringing.

"hi, y/n!" robin was there with his bicycle.

"mum, did you?"

"no, i didn't." she answered. "good luck in school, love." she kissed my cheek and closed the door.

"wha- why are you here, robin?" i was somehow amused.

"nothing, i just thought of taking you to school." he grinned. "..also because i was bored." i chuckled.

"wow," i rolled my eyes. "bored at seven in the morning. robin skinner, everyone." i clapped.

"just get on the bike, you don't want to be late for school."

"geez, okay mum.." i replied and with that, we left with his bicycle..

"so, what time did you go to sleep?" robin asked.

"twelve am. surprinsingly woke up at six." i answered. the air made my hair messy so i tried fixing it until robin notice me.

"your hair's getting a bit untidy." he chuckled.

"i know.. my hair's always a mess, anyways." i sighed.

"it's cute."

"what's cute on having a messy hair?"

"i don't know, i just think it suits you. just being honest." i couldn't help but grin at his opinion.

"anyways, how's the studio going?" i asked him.

"still in progress. i checked a few fan mails lately so, yeah.. i even got a casper plushie." he smiled. he once told me about his old pet named "casper." before fig, casper and robin are best buds.. sadly, he died last year. he showed me a few videos with fig and it made my heart melt.

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