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(your point of view)
[ so much more than this - grace vanderwaal ]

after drinking coffee and talking to someone, i went home since i didn't tell my parents where i was.

i was feeling anxious and too pissed off because my mum and i kind of had a little argument.

so, i decided to go out and cool off.

as i got to our house and got inside, it felt empty and silent. which made me feel blue.

when i got upstairs, i saw my parents sleeping together while my siblings were watching cartoons and playing toys.

i went inside my bedroom, closed the door gently, and made myself fall to bed.

i kept on thinking about what happened awhile ago. the guy from the coffee shop.

he had curly locks of ginger, warm eyes, and a lovely voice.

didn't really expect that he'd look like that in person nor did i actually expect him to be there.

also, he was actually awkward- which is cute.

"cOMING OUT OF MY CAGE AND I'VE BEEN DOING JUST FINE GOTTA GOTTA BE DOWN BECAUSE I WANT IT ALL!" my phone rang mr. brightside loudly, which made me jump a little.

should've adjusted the volume in the first place..

someone was calling.

"hello?" i sat down.

"hey, it's me. robin? from the coffee shop awhile ago?" he answered.

"oh, hi! i.. didn't really expect you to call." i let out a little laugh.

"were you busy? uh, sorry if i disturbed you.. or anything." his voice became little.

"no, it's.. it's okay." i tried to calm him. "i was busy doing nothing."

i heard him laugh. "are you bored?"

"kinda.." i replied.

both of us had an awkward silence.

"so uh-" robin was about to say something until..

"y/n, are you there?" my mum knocked my door.

"yes, mum. i'm here." i answered.

my mum came inside my bedroom.

"where were you? your dad and i were worried sick.." she hugged me.

"hello? you still there?" i heard robin call.

"who's that?" my mum asked

"i'll talk to you later!" i ended the call.

"who were you calling awhile ago?" my mum asked again.

"umm.. no one." i lied.

"are you sure? because i heard-"

"i was at a coffee shop." i cut her.

"well, at least you're fine and you're safe." my mother sighed with relief.

"yeah.." was all i said.

"anyways, i'll be making your favourite; mashed potatoes!!" my mom exclaimed.

"wow, that's nice." i tried to sound happy.

"i'll go down for a moment and cook for awhile, okay?" she kissed my forehead.

"okay mum." i told her.

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