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(a/n: half of this chapter was supposed to be on chapter 5 but i thought it was too long so, i seperated it- enjoy! :>)

(robin's point of view)
[ not today - twenty øne piløts ]

"i am just a fool to keep on chasing after nothing great..." i woke up hearing my song "fool" playing. turns out, it was just y/n's alarm. she once told me she liked the song. i didn't bother turning the alarm off since i was too lazy to get up.

i took my glasses and then suddenly, i noticed y/n's arms were wrapped around me, sleeping peacefully. i felt a blush creeping on my cheeks. last night, i saw her cuddling fig, and fig was comfortable with it. now he's probably eating his breakfast.

y/n slowly opened her eyes and stretched a little when the beat dropped on the second verse.

"good morning." i smiled widely, "oh," y/n realised that she was hugging me.

"hi.." she awkwardly removed her arms around me and turned her alarm off.

"you literally made it as an alarm too?" i asked her, she just laughed.

"my phone suggested it, not me. besides, i was too lazy to change it." she rolled her eyes and got up.

"speaking of, do your parents know you're here?" i asked her which made her think.

"well, no. but i can make an excuse, i guess." she raised her shoulders. "my mum might take things out of context." fig suddenly ran up to her then, y/n carried fig.

"fig!" she gasped. she started petting fig and swayed him lightly, which i kind of find it adorable.

"what about me, fig? i need love too, you know!" i jokingly whined which made y/n laugh.

"figgy doesn't love you anymore." she pouted. "just kidding.." she chuckled, giving fig to me.

i started petting fig until y/n sighed. "i wish i have a cat too."

"you haven't owned a pet yet?" i asked her whilst fig was trying to run away, so i had to let him go.

"well, i once did. it was a hamster and i named it zuki. my cousin borrowed her then he told me it died. so yeah, i was in grieve."

"what'd he do to the hamster?" i wondered.

"i'd rather not tell you that since it's somewhat disturbing.." she twitched.

"hey, it's currently five in the morning. would you like to eat breakfast?" i invited.

"sure." she replied. both of us (including fig) went downstairs to eat breakfast.

"your parents aren't awake yet?" she asked randomly.

"they usually wake up at six." i said as i took out the cereal box and the milk from the fridge.

"you still eat cereal?" she bursted out laughing. i glared at her.

"yes, i may be nineteen. but i still like to eat cereal." i took two bowls and poured the cereal, then poured the milk on my bowl. "cereal is love, cereal is life."

"skinner, you disgust me." she joked.

"what?" i stuffed cereals in my mouth.

"you put the cereal first and then you put the milk? having soggy cereal sucks, mate." she took the milk and poured it in to her bowl, then she added the cereal.

"it's just the same thing, it's still cereal." i told her.

"exactly." she answered. "except, it's less soggy." she smiled.

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