epilogue: drunk dudes and funny nudes

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New Epilogue:
epilogue: drunk dudes and funny nudes

A/N: thank you so much for 100k reads!! Ya'll are awesome! Also, I'm making this the epilogue because I wasn't happy with the other one, I just don't like the way it was written.

"Why is your hair short? Some sort of style thing went wrong, or a pixie cut gone wrong?"

I rolled my eyes, I've had enough of drunk college guys, they truly never looked good anyway. And Adam is a sappy drunk, not a hooker drunk like the guy next to me.

I looked at the unkown guy and he gave me a smirk and I just gave him my biggest smile before a hand clamped down on the guys shoulder and he instantly lost all color in his face.

Adam let go of the guy and came around into view. "I see you've made a new friend." He snickered to me before training his eyes on the guy with a humor glint in his eyes. "Care to introduce me?"

Nodding. "Yes, this is Adam." I said motioning to him and than motioning towards the guy I paused. "You know I didn't catch your name?"

"Ya'll twisted." The gut commented before pushing his way through the crowd to get away from us.

I turned towards Adam and laughed at the guys expression—priceless.

Adam grinned and sat down next to me, our knees touching as we faced each other on the barstools at the local bar. "What did that douche want anyway?"

I shrugged while playing with the straw on my drink. "A drunk hook up I think? Who knows."

"Good thing I decided to come and tag along." He stated as he looked around the college bar that we currently resided, it wasn't much yet everyone loved it here. Maybe it's because they don't have bouncers or ever card you.

Win win if you ask me.

And yes I know what your thinking, didn't you did? Well actually, and in his words I was brought back to life by his angelic voice singing 'Sunshine'. I don't think so but that's what we say now.

The doctors pulled an all nighter fighting for my life and I was forever in their debt, they saved my life when I wasn't even supposed to live—heck, I only had a 27 percent chance.

Miracles do happen I guess, and that was one of them.

So, Adam and I decided to go to different colleges, not because we broke up, but because we didn't want to be that sappy couple that follows each other to a school. We both went to our dream schools; mine was University of Minnesota in the twin cities and his was Univeristy of Indiana. Let's just say the BIG10 games got pretty tense between the two of us.

As of right now, we'll we met halfway in the middle in Chicago where Loyola Univeristy resided—hence the college bar.

College was great, I made new friends, got to study without worrying really about gpa and I got to duke it out with Adam over who's football team was better. I would never admit it, but his was.

"Penny for your thoughts?" Adam asked as we both looked at the building crowd.

I glanced at him. "I could go for a walk."

"You read my mind Sunshine." He said while keeping that old smirk of his plastered on his face.

We both walked out, Adam leading as he placed his hand on the small of my back like marking his territory or something. As we caught our breath outside we threw on our winter jackets and headed towards cloud gate in the middle of the city.

"You know, I never gave you your Christmas present." Adam stated as we walked down Michigan Avenue.

I chuckled, we had decided to wait to give each other our gifts until we saw each other. "Yea? I thought that girls nudes would be your gift?"

Aw yes the nudes, some chick at his school got his number and wouldn't stop asking him out and it even got to the point of prostitution. Poor girl, Adam was a pretty neat guy and she couldn't have him.

"Are you still holding that against me? She sent them to me! I didn't request them!" He shrieked, defensive mode turning on in a nano second.

I laughed. "I was just teasing you, chill tough guy."

He was still fuming as we turned the corner to a walkway in the park. "Now I won't give you my gift."

What!? Nope, I've been looking forward to this gift since January of last year. "Fine I'm sorry, now gimme!" I said gleefully like a little child.

We stopped at a bench and before he pulled his out I decided to give him mine first. He delicacy grabbed the rectangular box from my hands and gave me a crooked smile as he ripped open the wrapping paper.

Inside was a Indianapolis Colts Jersey signed by all the players that I had tracked down since I met Adam. Let's just say he was a die hard fan that would gladly give them all his money for them to win.

He gave me a flabbergasted look of surprise and hugged me as he couldn't help but awe at the Jersey, flipping it around to make sure it was real over and over again. Finally he set it down and pulled out a small pandora box.

Nervously I opened it and inside was a beautiful golden chain with one word engraved on the small silver plate: Sunshine. Adam turned it around for me and on the back it said 'Love You'. I almost broke down when I started to cry, letting out all my emotions.

This is the best gift I've ever received, and it must have cost a fortune. I looked at Adam and gave him my biggest grin. "Thank you Adam! I love it, and you!"

He embraced me and I could feel just how hard his heart was beating as I hugged him back. This is truly what love felt like, and I'm so grateful it was with Adam Allioni, the greatest person on earth.

The one who stuck by me.

The one who believed in me.

The one who loves me.

And god, I love him too, with all my heart.

We let go of each other and he wiped the tears from my eyes and gave me a happy smile. "You make my heart sing Sunshine, I love you."

"I love you too Adam, forever and always."

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