twelve ➶ morning glory and a foreign story

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A/N: SOO many spelling errors ahead, warning! Will edit the book later (:

Chapter twelve: morning glory and a foreign story

You know what's funny?

The fact that for almost two hours we hadn't talked at all, and even when someone would say something it was more of a thought and not a question.

It was peaceful, that was the only way to describe it.

We watched the stars and the ripples of the water, both silently trying to compete with each other for how many skips we could get while skipping rocks.

I won, but he probably won't admit that.

I checked my watch and noticed that it was four in the morning already—one more hour to go until it was official.

I nudged Adam and he looked over his shoulder and cracked a grin. "Yes Sunshine?"

Ignoring the blush that fled across my cheeks I asked. "You want food? I know a 24/7 diner that's not to far from here?"

He nodded, the exhaustion easily creeping into both of us and we headed to the car. To think we would be able to pull off an all nighter was beyond me.

"Hey Adam?" I asked as I trailed behind him and his toned back, walking up the trail to the car.

"What's up?"

"Thanks for doing this with me."

"No problem May."

Pointing at the small restaurant he pulled in and parked the car, shutting off the headlights and taking out his key. His truck coming to halt in the front parking spot next to the handicapped spaces next to the front doors of the building.

We walked up and he grabbed the door for me and I said a quick thank you before I could embarrass myself. Moments like those made me realize that he really wasn't a bad boy like everyone said he was, but more of a gentleman.

We sat at a booth in the corner window seat and he pulled in across from me. His hair flying everywhere before he had a chance to fix it while sitting down. I had an urge to do it for him but had to restrain myself.

"This place is where my Auncle used to take me all the time." I said. "He's busy now though." I added, fiddling with my fingers nervously.

"I'll take you here anytime you want May." Adam said, trying to lighten up the mood. I nodded, slightly embarrassed that I told him that.

The diner was a little slice of heaven that just so happened to land right in the middle of Pawnee—I mean, Partting Indiana.

I wish I lived in Pawnee.

It was the usual hot pink and bright mint colors that gave off the fifty's vibes, and the neon signs scattered the windows delicately decorating both the inside and outside.

I decided it would be a perfect time to pull out my bucket list and check to see what I had crossed off so far—probably not that much.

Taking out my wallet—yes, my wallet. I pulled it out and pressed it against the counter top, getting out all the wrinkles.

Out of the corner of my eye I stopped when I saw the waitress come over and stand at the end of our table. "What would you like to order?" She asked politely, getting her pad of paper ready.

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