thirty ➶ thursdays are for forts and exports

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A/N: happy two month anniversary for this book! To think that only two months ago I was on spring break writing a book I never thought would get any where!! Thank you all for everything you've done!!

Chapter thirty: Thursday's are for forts and support

"Hot Shot! Let's go for a walk!" Frank yelled, tearing the blanket right off of my shivering body.

I reached for the blanket while my eyes were still closed and my hands were only met with grasps of air. It was a dreadful Thursday morning and so far this week has been pretty draining.

A girl needed her beauty sleep.

"Whyyyy?" I asked, my words fading off slightly as I tried to go back to sleep ever so slowly.

Frank kicked my bed, making it shake and I grudgingly got up knowing that Frank was a persistent man that was not going to give up easily.

"Let's get going Springer."

I grabbed my beanie and put it on my bald head and grabbed a sweater that Betty had also knitted me and followed him out of the room into the hallway. Did I mention I forgot shoes?

"Why did you wake me up at," I started, looking at my phone that I had snagged off of my nightstand and adding, "7:34 in the morning?"

He chuckled. "Fiona made cookies and I know just how much you love them—" I smiled, my grin growing by the minute. "But, we need to talk first." My smile fell off at the intimidating tone of his voice.

"What do we need to talk about?"

"Have you thought about our proposition?" He asked, his eyes darting to meet mine as we walked side by side.

I nodded. "I have really thought about it, but I need more time. I have my own parents and I can't just throw them out of my life."

"I totally understand May." He stated, his voice full of warmth.

I was glad that they were concerned for my future but I couldn't do that to my parents, not now, especially since they are under such great stress now.  I hated my mom, and don't get me wrong if it were just her and me I would have signed the papers by now—but my dad is too kind to me for me to do that to him

"Now cookies..." Franks started and my mouth instantly started to water at the prospect of eating his oatmeal butterscotch cookies.

"Cookies here I come!" I announced, throwing m my arm into the air before marching to Fiona's hospital room in triumph.

Those cookies are my own personal crack stash.

"Why is your life like a dramatic sitcom?" Summer asked, her legs dangling off my bed as we stared up at my ceiling.

I had just told her about everything that has happened so far since I've seen her about three days ago and she was elated.

I shrugged. "Luck?"

"Ugh I wish I had your life." Summer groaned, flipping around so that she was laying on her belly.

I sarcastically let out a loud laugh. "Ha! That's a funny joke! You want to have the dying girls life."

She rolled her eyes. "You know what I mean," she said, nudging me playfully in the side with her elbow. "I meant the other part of your life, the one where you date Adam Allioni, or the part where you date Adam Allioni...."

I punched her in the arm. "I get the point Summer."

She rolled off the bed and than jumped off the floor like it was normal for her to do that before she sat back down in the bed and faced me, sitting criss-cross applesauce.

"What do you want to do?" She asked.

I looked at my watch and had to do a double take when I realized it was already 7:34pm and Summer had to leave soon in order to get ready for school tomorrow.

"Don't you have school tomorrow?"

Without even answering my question she started to rant. "What about a movie? We could pop some popcorn and maybe build a fort? Isn't that on your bucket list?"

"Wait, how did you know that was on my bucket list?" I asked, my eyebrows scrunching together in suspicion.

She gritted her teeth, realizing that she let that small detail slip. "Okay so maybe Adam told me to help you cross them off, but it's not my fault!" She whined as she threw her arms up in surrender.

I just laughed and nodded, those two working together was a leather combination.

We got to work right away, grabbing blankets and pillows and even having summer fun to Frank and Fiona's room to grab anything they had lying around (and maybe some extra cookies they had lying around also...). I dragged my bed on wheeled to the middle of the room and we used that and the couch and a support system.

It was a work in progress.

Summer wanted to make blueprints even but I insisted that since she had school tomorrow that it would take to long.

The fort was only big enough for two people, which was obviously just right for the two of us. We grabbed her laptop she brought over for us 'to do homework with' and we logged on to Netflix right away.

Without even a small debate we chose the movie 'Hercules'—my favorite Disney movie and we began to snuggle under the comfy fuzzy blankets.

We were just about to get steeled when she homered or of the fort and grabbed her back pack. Pulling out a large box that was wrapped in tissue paper she handed it to me.

"Before I forget, the girls and I got you a little something to remember us by. Since you know, you aren't able to see our beautiful faces at school anymore." She stated, smirking as I took it from her clutches and settled it on my lap.

I looked between her and the box, worried something was going to pop or of it. Once I made sure that it was safe I cracked it open and the moment I realized what it was I couldn't hold back the tears.

Inside the box was a pair of yellow converse shoes, the same ones that my friends gave me when I moved away a long time ago. The same ones I cherished so much.

How did they even remember the fact that I have the same pair, or that I even got the same ones from my friends when I moved?

Except this time each of them; aka, Emma, Summer, and Allison had all signed their names on the sides of the shoes with little notes on them. sauce in my bag, swag

Emma....I love you May Springer and don't you ever forget that!!! are the perfect model of bravery and hope May

One caught my eye, Adam's name was scribbled on their with only four words on it...

'Keep moving forward Sunshine'

My tears flooded down my cheeks and I couldn't help myself when I threw my arms around Summer and embraced her.

How did I deserve such wonderful friends?

They are too good for me.

They are too good for me

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