twenty-four ➶ medicine mountains and drinking fountains

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Chapter twenty-four: Medicine mountains and drinking fountains //un-edited//

Mays POV:

"She is doing just fine, her body is learning to cope with it but we'll still have to monitor her just in case something happens." The doctor mumbled, his clipboard making a clicking noise as it was set down on the counter next to me.

My vision was all white, only allowing the depths of grays and blacks in as my eyelids stayed closed for the time being. My head pounded and my entire body was stiff as I attempted to move and wake up.

Key word—attempted.

"Will she be okay?" A deep voice asked, worry laced in their tone. I could tell it was my sorry excuse for a father talking to the doctor.

A sigh escaped from the room and a slight shift next to me told me it wasn't the doctor or my dad. "She's obviously to frail to pull through." My mother mumbled, unaware I could hear everything she was saying.

My mother closely related a female dog—if you catch my drift.

"How much does this cost anyway, for the treatment of chemo and this medical bill for her poor driving?" Mother asked.

McScuse me! I did not cause that accident, at least I don't exactly remember it, but I am an excellent driver.

"Around 30,000 dollars for her chemo therapy and as for her car accident she broke four ribs, dislocated her shoulder and needs some knee surgery to fix the breakage there—so in total, about 80,000 dollars for the car accident alone."

Damn, and I thought I was healthy at one point.

"Xavier! This is too much!" My mother yelled, her voice straining.

The loss of her precious money is more heart breaking than the loss of her one daughter, that stings a little.

My father sat down next to me and took my hand in his, rubbing his thumb over my cracked and bruised knuckles softly. God I loved my dad, even though he made the mistake of marrying my mom.

"And what? Let our only daughter die because you don't want to spend your precious clothing-money on her treatment?!" Xavier yelled, his body language tensing.

I wanted so badly to get up and yell at them both for being so argumentative over their unconscious daughter in a time like this—but for obvious reasons I was unable to.

I heard more shuffling and could tell that two more people had entered the room.

"Sheriff, why are you here?" My mother helped in surprise, with a hint of flirtation hidden in her underlying tone.

Why would Adams Dad be here? Mr. Allioni has better things to do than to take care of his sons, friend who just so happens to be in the hospital.

"I just wanted to check in on her Sir, don't mind me." He grounded out, clearly already annoyed by my parents bickering.

I heard him get closer and my ears strained for any noise from my parents in response, and I didn't have to wait very long when my mothers scratchy voice spoke up.

"Wait a minute, your the police officer that dropped her off about two months ago!" She yelled.

Oh dear lord help me.

"Yes ma'am, I also found her at the accident. I have to get going." He responded after setting something soft next to me on the bed and I had a sudden urge to ask him to stay.

"Your the officer that found her, do you mind telling us what happened?" My father—Xavier—asked, suddenly interested.

I guess they haven't been notified of how it happened, and even I—with my hazy memory—was curious as to what happened after I blacked out.

I could tell Mr. Allioni hesitated before turning back to face my parents and answer their question. "She was t-boned by a cargo truck and her car was pushed off the road—"

"We took her car away!" My mother screeched, interrupting him.

"She was driving her friends car." He took a pause and than continued. "After the tuck driver stopped he called the police and while we were on our way he pulled her out of the car right before the car erupted into flames."

Whoever that was, I needed to thank them if—no, when I wake up. He saved my life and for that I'm grateful.

"We'll need to replace that girls car." Father mumbled as he pulled his phone from his back pocket.

I couldn't handle this anymore, the way my body strained under gravity's pressure and how my body screamed bloody murder whenever I tried to move.

The door shut and in the middle of my pain I hadn't noticed they all left the room to go talk to the doctor.

But that was when I heard footsteps tip-toe towards me in a white manner and settle themselves next to my bed.

"Hey May, I can't take it anymore you need to push through, I can't show up to Homecoming without a date, that'd be pathetic." Adam stated, chuckling jokingly at the last part and my heart hurt for him.

I wanted to pull through, but I didn't know how.

There was no books titled 'Dummy's Guide to coming out of Unconsciousness' that you could read while medically under.

It was as if I was drowning under a giant water fountain and I didn't know how to turn it off.

His hand clasped my own and I heard him sigh before settling in the chair my dad once occupied.

I courting take it anymore. Almost like a mystical force turned it off I gasped for air and cracked my eyes open in an instant.

Looking to my right I saw a shocked Adam and I cracked a painful smile, totally worth it.

"Doctor!" Adam yelled as he rushed out, hitting everything as he made his grand exit in a hurry, and even though my ribs were cracked I laughed.

He was truly a dork.

Extra: anyone want to collaborate on a new story with me? Dm me with any interests :)

Extra: anyone want to collaborate on a new story with me? Dm me with any interests :)

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