five ➶ chemo therapy and leaving a legacy

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Chapter Five: chemo therapy and leaving a legacy

Sweat rolled down my forehead and dropped onto my hospital bed as the chemo therapy bag emptied itself into my veins in an agonizing period of pain and uncontrollable frustration.

Betty walked back into the room and gave  The me a sympathetic glance as she unhooked the IV and rolled the stand away form the bed so she could get closer to me.

Dragging a cold cloth across my forehead she helped me into a sitting position as she hummed a song that I didn't recognize softly under her breath.

I grabbed her wrist to stop her from cleaning up my—probably hideous—face and she turned to look at me.

"What—I-s that song?" I stuttered, clearly out of breath as if I had ran a marathon.

She smiled and I let go of her wrist so she could continue to cool me down with cold water. "It's True Companion Honey, by Marc Cohn."

I nodded, making a mental note to add that to my playlist when I get the chance.

"Okay," She aid stepping back and putting her pale of water on her push cart and looked back at me. "Your all done."

I thanked her as she walked out and grabbed my phone, seeing if any of my family members contacted me about my first round of chemo.

New messages: zero

Damn, I feel loved.

My phone dinged catching me off guard and I looked to see that it was my mom, surprised I opened it and saw that it was a link to a cancer support group that was held two hours away.

I rolled my eyes and ignored it, there was no way I'd end up like Hazel in The Fault In Our Stars. I kept scrolling and saw that Adam responded before I had a chance to look at it.

Adam: your the dweeb
sent: 4:51pm

I laughed and decided not to answer as I kept scrolling thorough my phone and occasionally looking at Instagram to see what the rest of my high school was doing today.

I got bored of my phone so after I plugged it in I went to bed, it was only 6:48pm anyway so I had a good half an hour to cat-nap before I had to get up for dinner.

I shot out of bed and fell straight on my ass onto the linoleum floors of my temporary bedroom and the sweat rolled down my face as I recovered from my night terror.

My chest rose and fell rapidly as I tried to catch my breath and to stop freaking out. My pulse beat like it was trying to power a bus and my hair stuck to my face like shit to velcro.

I heard the running of a nurse outside as Betty came rushing in and saw me lying on the floor in a puddle of my own sweat.

The tears escaped my eyes and came rolling down my cheekbones in waves as my emotions went all over the place.

"Oh Honey!"

She ran over and grabbed my arms to sling me back into the bed, grabbing the blankets near the end so I wouldn't get overheated she fixed my hair and gave me a smile.

"What-t was that?" I asked.

She shook her head, her brown hair coming undone form her bun as she took out her ponytail and handed it to me to put my hair into a messy bun.

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