authors note: the end

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Okay, wow. What a journey this has been, 27 Percent is now over, fin, kaput, zip, done. This is my literal baby and I do not want to finish it at all! Trust me!

So I have some questions for y'all...

Would you like a book where the entire story is told in Adams POV?——>

A prequel to the love story between Macy's Dude and Allison?——>

A story about Summer or Emma?—->

An epilogue to this story??—->

Leave your thoughts up above or give some more suggestions if you want to see a certain POV or plot play out?—->

Thanks again for all your support through this amazing book! I love you all to the moon and back 100,0000xxx over and over!

I will miss this and you lovely readers, see you next time (:


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