twenty ➶ applied math and the psychopath

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Chapter twenty: applied math and the psychopath

Okay, so when you add thirty seven football players, four Enthusiastic's Club members and one Sunday afternoon a lot can be accomplished in just a couple of hours.

And I mean allot.

We had built all of the games and decorated the gym in full Carnival style. The school had even ordered a Ferris wheel and it was being put up right outside the gym doors.

The photo booth was successfully being tested by Emma and Summer and the games by Adam and his friends.

It was a successful day for sure, one full of forgiveness and accomplishments. One that will be forever engrained in my memory.

As the rest where having fun I pulled out my bucket list that I had completely forgotten about and smoothed it along the bleacher surface.

Mays Bucket List:

1) Stay Positive, (done: w/ Summer, Ally and Emma)

2) Go to Navy Pier

3) Build a Fort (pillows and blankets) and watch a movie in it

4) have an all nighter (done: w/ Adam)

5) Go to a high school party

6) attend a drive in movie

7) get a tattoo

8) Go on a trip with my friends

9) Dance in the rain (done: w/ Adam)

10) Ride a Ferris wheel

I didn't know what I could do next, we had a solid couple of days until homecoming and I knew I wanted to do one of these before then.

"You know," Adam said from behind me, catching my attention. "My friends are throwing a party tonight if your willing to join?"

I rolled it over in my head, why should I go? Because it's on your bucket list you idiot


"Sure, when?" I answered, catching him off guard by my statement.

He grinned at me. "At 9 o'clock, I'll text you the address."

I nodded, well, this should be fun.

"Girl! You need to do that guru weird hippno painting thing on your head!" Emma yelled as we shifted through my small dresser in my room.

I laughed so hard it felt as if my heart would lurch out of my chest. "What the hell are you talking about?" I asked.

Emma waved her hands around in the air. "You know where bald people would paint on their heads in patterns!"

I nodded, that was an idea but I don't know if that would fit the theme of tonight. And that theme was—in Summers words—"look out world because cancer can look hot!"

"I don't think I'd look to good with paint on my head, but maybe some other day." I suggested, calmly and politely shooting down the idea.

"And besides I'm already self-conscious enough without hair let alone drawing attention to it." I added.

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