nine ➶ explaining and shaving

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Chapter nine: explaining and shaving

"May, someone is here to see you." Betty said as she swung around the door open and backed out of the room with her cart.

I huffed and grabbed my phone and earbuds and shoved them into my pocket as I got up and out of my bed. It was finally Friday and I had just gotten back from school. I haven't seen Adam ever since I blew him off at lunch and I was feeling extremely guilty about it ever since.

I blew up at him for an accusation I had made up in my head? How self-centered am I?

Walking into the elevator and hitting the first floor button I breathed a sigh of relief as nobody followed me in here—that always makes it awkward.

I was tempted to text him but couldn't muster up enough courage to be the bigger person and fess-up about me being wrong for blowing up at him.

He'd probably be his cocky self and reposed with something like 'I knew you'd come crawling back'. I was not someone who ever admitted they were wrong. Ever.

The doors opened and I stepped out, immediately regretting it when I saw Adam in the waiting room pacing back and forth. He saw me and without warning jogged over to me while I was glued to the floor not knowing what to do.

How ironic. I was thinking about him and he appeared. Joy.

"Hey." He said a little out of breath—surprising because he's a football player.

"Hey." I mimicked quietly.

"I was wondering if your still going to have dinner with my family tonight."

My eyebrows raised and my eyes bulged out of its sockets. "That's tonight! Shoot!" I exclaimed, panicked that I had totally forgotten about it.

I may have blown up at him but his family had still invited me and I had accepted, there was no way of back out now.

He chuckled and for once his cold demeanor changed into one of warmth, inviting and happiness. His mouth quirked up at the corner and he put his arm on my own and said. "And about the other day, I'm sorry if I said anything to offend you."

I blushed and quickly put my head down so that my hair could cover the redness that blossomed over my cheeks. Why does his touch feel like a million lightning bolts flew up my arm and into my heart?

I shook my head and hit the elevator button that was behind me since I never once moved from my spot. "No sorry, I just..,I just."

The doors flew open and I took that as a chance to step in and he followed behind me and I hit the button and sat back against the wall.

I tuned to him and he looked straight into my eyes. "I-I just thought that maybe you only talked to me so that when I die you'd be called a hero, that it was all a scheme to get into the newspaper." I said, ripping the band-aid clean off.

He opened his mouth and than closed it once or twice before finally, quietly saying. "You really think that little of me?"

I shook my head 'no'. "I guess it was just my wordiness getting to me." 

He prized his lips and looked anywhere but me so I quickly changed the subject not wanting this to be any more awkward than it already was. "So, What was that Facebook post about?" I asked calmly with a smirk.

He turned red as a beet immediately after I brought the post up. "Just my way of telling everyone not to mess with you."

"Oh? And why is that?"

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