sixteen ➶ falling and appaling

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Chapter sixteen: falling and appalling

Adam dropped me off and I waved goodbye as I walked into the hospital. It had been slightly awkward in the car, I had asked if he wanted any of Franks homemade cookies and he said he had to get somewhere so I just brushed it off as nothing.

Hitting the elevator button I went to Franks floor and walked to the right side of the hallway and to the closest room to the elevator. Swinging it open I saw Frank reading a newspaper while his wife was eating Jello in her bed.

They both looked up and waved me over as I hesitantly entered the room. "Hi Fiona." I said as I sat next to them in a chair I dragged form the side wall.

"Why hello May, it's nice to finally meet the person my Frank has been with all this time." She said, her voice strained but angelic.

I nodded. "You've caught a good one Mrs. Chance."

Right as I said that Frank burped so loudly that it shook the bed he was holding onto for supper and the jello Fiona was eating only moments ago.

It could be easily compared to a earthquake.

"Back off ladies," Fiona stated jokingly. "That man is all mine." She said as if she where addressing a crowd and Frank fiend hurt.

"I'm hurt." Frank said putting a hand on his chest.

She just shrugged. "I say the truth and nothing but the truth so help me god."

At this point I was laughing so hard my lungs and ark school hurt so much that happy tears rolled down my face. These two could be a comedy show for sure.

"I admire your marriage." I said after I calmed down and they stopped bickering.

Frank rolled his eyes and Fiona slapped him hard on the arm. "Frank! We have a wonderful relationship." She condemns.

I just chuckled and checked my watch noticing I had a chemo appointment today, twice a week now because of the way my body was responding to it wasn't good enough.

I got up and thought the chair to where I had found it. "Thank you guys for everything, I gotta get going." I said.

As if reading my mind Fiona stated quickly before I left the door. "It'll get better May, I promise."

I nodded and entered the elevator. I hope she was right on that one, only god knows how much I want to beat this—kick it in the balls and shove it out of my bone marrow and out of my body.

After getting to my room I saw that I was scheduled for chemotherapeutic therapy in a half an hour so I thought, why not check Facebook.

Facebook was one of those things where everyone is on it, yet you have no idea what the purpose is. Like Instagram, Facebook let's you connect with your friends—but the whole posting on each others walls was confusing to the point of a headache.

I logged in on my said Dell computer than ran on hamster power and searched up Allison, Emma and Summer.

Allison's profile consisted of surprisingly science and biology topics, reposts of blogs and papers from famous researchers.

As much as I wanted that to surprise me, it didn't. She seemed like she would be into this kind of stuff.

I clicked on the friend request button and moved on to Emma's profile. She had a bunch of pintrist links and pictures that would give anyone a headache. Full of polls and questions that no one has answered and pictures of random puns.

I clicked on the button and than moved onto Summers profile. Hers just had tons of traveling pictures of her and her family, some pictures of her playing golf and Tennis and even ones of her dog.

What a cute dog, a Bernese mountain dog that could steal anyone's heart in a millisecond. She asleep had a golden retriever and a Pomeranian.

Next time we have a movie night, I'm going o suggest going to her house just so I can pet her dogs the entire time.

Just for fun I typed in Adam Allioni into the search bar and came up empty handed. I scrunched my eyebrows together, how come he didn't have a Facebook? I thought he had posted on it a while ago about me being his sunshine, did he delete his profile?

I knew since Allison had shown me that post that she knew his username so I picked up my phone and sent her a quick text—my curiosity getting the better of me.

Me: hey, do you know what Adams Facebook is? ✓ally : 3:31

Ally: stalker much
sent: 3:32

I rolled my eyes, typical Allison response.

Me: what is it?
✓ally: 3:34

Ally: adammspage, you owe me
sent: 3:36

I laughed and punched the air in victory and typed back a quick thank you and threw my phone at the wall before typing in his account.

Wired how he doesn't just show up with his first and last name.

I clicked on his profile and tried not to drool at the photo of him but kept scrolling, looking at the poem he had dedicated to me.

What a dork.

I scrolled even further being the creep that I am and saw a photo that made me stop in my tracks. Now I wasn't one for drama or anything, but having that he did just kiss me two hours ago it supported me that he moved on so fast.

On his profile he had posted a picture with his arms wrapped around a girl as she leaned back into him casually, both of them looking happy.

Was this why he couldn't come in and have some cookies?

I looked at what he had said; "with my girlfriend"

"Shot through the heart and your too late darling, you give Love a bad name." My radio blared ironically as the song played in the background.

I felt betrayed, why would he lead me on and kiss me if he had a girlfriend? What is this? The Bachelor.

Trust me Adam, if you where to propose and than take it back for another girl one day you'd be dead meat. At least, that's what actually happened on the bachelor.

I felt one single tear escape before I blew it away, we never said anything about it so why am I so hurt?

"Honey, ready for some chemo?"

I nodded, I needed something to take my mind off of this.

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