three ➶ bad boys and lost toys

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Chapter Three: bad boys and lost toys

"What they got keeping a fresh high school student in here?" Frank grumbled next to me as we crammed into the bus that went first from the hospital to the nearest Nursing Home and than to the grocery store and back.

I chuckled at Frank, we connected on so many levels. One being that we both hated everyone else around us. "If I buy you a newspaper will you let me sit in the window seat tomorrow?" I asked as he sat down in the prized window seat and I sat in the aisle seat.

He laughed loudly and lifted his cane up at me. "In your dreams Hotshot."

I just grinned at the old guy next to me, he gets me.

I looked around once everyone filed in and noticed that there was one old lady that didn't have a spot and was forced to stand. I quickly got up and offered her my seat which she thanked me for and sat down.

I still stood next to Frank as he told me all the war stories he could muster in the time it took to get to the grocery store. The lady, who I later learned was named Donna, chimed in everyone once in a whole even though Frank overpowered her.

We got to the bus stop next to the store and I followed the crowd out of the bus handing the bus driver five dollars before walking to the school that was less than a mile away.

It didn't take too long before I got too tired to keep walking and was forced to sit down on the sidewalk for a breath of relief. I couldn't take the constant exercise even when I only had one block to go.

Taking one final breath of air I got up and slowly made my way to the building, the air conditioning calling my name over and over again the closer I got.

Reaching it I was about to pull it open when a hand shot out from behind me and opened it for me. Turning to thank the person I was shut right up when I realized that it was none other than Adam Allioni.

I shut my big mouth and sped-walked away from him as fast as my legs could muster up after the long walk I had to endure before that.

I could hear him calling my name, which sounded so good rolling off of the end of his tongue but I chose to ignore him and keep walking. I heard his running come to a stop when he stopped done next to me and put his hand on my shoulder to stop me from getting away and turned me around.

I looked up at him and his 6'2 self and I shrunk back into my shy state of being before looking down at my shoes.

Adam was a football playing bad boy that just so happened to be hot and sexy at the same time. His tousled brown hair and his piercing blue eyes made it hard for me not to look at him. I stayed concentrated in his best up converse as I wondered why a fourth level popular senior would want to talk to a negative three level nerd.

"Your May right?" He asked.

God his voice was going to break me in two.

I nodded and he continued. "My Dad was wondering if you'll come over for dinner on Friday."

That made me look up and I was met with Adams smirk when he knew that he got my attention. God, please don't let him know about my little accident yesterday with his dad.


I nodded again and his smirk grew even wider as he looked down on me as if he was standing on his popular status ladder looking out amongst the rest of us.

"Good." He said as he walked away, not before adding before he turned the corner. "My Dad needs that dry cleaning bill by the way."

I groaned loudly when I realized that he knew about the throw up incident that happened yesterday.

Can this day get any worse?

I stand corrected, this day can get worse. Since I failed to show up to school yesterday I didn't get to choose where I sat in any of my classes.

Including the ones I have with Adam.

I have three classes total where I have to sit next to him and I knew for a fact that he did that on purpose. The other four classes I sit next to the nerdiest and possibly the most ugliest human beings on the planet. That may just possibly bump my status from nerd to geek.

Walking into my last hour was a nightmare waiting to happen. Sitting down in the only empty seat next to Adam and having a pop quiz was not how I wanted to spend my first official day of school. Math was easy enough to pass, but when you don't know any of the material due to an absence, it gets hard.

I pulled out my pencil and began to make up the answers to the problem when Adam did the same. I looked over at his paper to see him doing the exact same thing.

"Don't cheat off of my paper." I whispered.

He just chuckled and looked straight into my eyes. "Why don't you stop cheating off of mine?" He said back in a joking tone.

I rolled my eyes and he took that as an opportunity to take my paper and put it underneath his in an effort to copy the rest of my answers. "Hey!" I whisper-yelled.

He ignored me and finished his paper in a hurry as the teacher walked by.

"May, Where's your quiz?" Mr. Backstrom asked clearly annoyed.

I stuttered for a moment, not able to get anything out as I sat there underneath his scrutinizing gaze. I have never been in trouble before and I didn't know how to handle it.

I'm freaking out!

Adam saw me struggling and let me squirm in my sets for a couple more seconds before he handed it back to me—all my answer already filled out.

"Sorry Man, I accidentally took it." Adam said in his commanding, deep baritone voice.

How does one person have an orchestra of beautiful music as a voice? It was unfair.

The teacher just grumbled something underneath his breath and took both of our quizzes. "Detention after school."

I almost didn't catch what he said, but when I did I began to freak out. I have my first round of chemo therapy today, and I couldn't miss it!

This isn't good!

I ran up to where the teacher was and I could tell I caught him off guard. "Sir, I have an appointment after school I can't miss. Is there any way we can do detention tomorrow?"

He quirked an eyebrow up at the suggestion and wave dit off as if my health didn't matter to him.

May, you never told him it was an emergency. For all he knows it could be a manicure appointment.

"No, my decisions final. You'll have to cancel your appointment."

I groaned internally and walked back to my shared desk with Adam.  "I guess we are detention buddies Sunshine." He mocked.

" He mocked

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