eleven ➶ an all nighter and a firefighter

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Chapter eleven: an all nighter and a fire fighter

"Where are we going?" I asked, trying hard not to laugh as Adam tried to navigate a paper map since both of our phones died.

He growled and ignored my slightly sarcastic question as he kept driving down the gravel road before stopping at a beat up parking lot.

He stepped out and I followed slowly as we stepped into darkness. He left his headlights on as we walked around to the front of the car and stared out into the distance.

"Where are we?"

He just grabbed my hand and pulled me behind him as we walked into the forest, ignoring the trails and off roading to his unkown secret spot.

Was he going to murder me? I mean it would be perfect, girl who's sick and can barley walk or run a mile without running out of energy, and it's in the middle of the woods at night. Sounds about right to me.

As we walked further and further I grew more conscious of my new bald head, the new skin showing making my whole body shiver in the cold night.

Looking at my watch I noticed it was ten o'clock and that we had another eight hours until we would pull it off.

He abruptly stopped, making me ran into the back of his body and stumbled over some twigs. He just ignored me and my tripping self and looked straight forward. I peered around him to see that he was staring at a creek that ran down the middle of the forest.

No matter how many times I've been here, I've never seen this river—ever.

Adam hasn't said a word since we got here and I started to grow worried, was he really trying to kill me out here?

Instead he simply just picked up a rock and skipped it down stream, the stone going up and down in fluid motions eight times before it sunk to the bottom of the creak, sending ripples across the crystal clear glass surface.

The water was dark due to the time of day, but it felt peaceful at the same time—almost, tranquil? It kind of reminded me of Mulan and the way the cherry blossom tree swayed, awe inspiring.

I walked up besides him and sat down in the brown soil and he sat down next to me, letting our shoulders and outstretched legs touch each other. Reminding me slightly of when he came into the library a couple of days ago and demanded I make a bucket list.

"How'd you find this place?" I asked.

He let out a sigh and shrugged his shoulders. "Before my brothers and sister were born I would rummage out here by myself, sometimes with Austin." He said, name dropping his best friend from school.

Adam and Austin where a pair you wouldn't want to mess with, they played pranks on teachers, swooned every girl in Partting Indiana and always roamed the streets causing street venders to close shop.

They really were the troublesome two.

I hummed in response. "Why'd you bring us here?"

Out of the corner of my eye I could see him smirking. "Because you seem like a girl who would needs a place to think in a couple of weeks, might as well point you in the right direction."

He had a point, the books my parents dropped off were the only source of entertainment at the hospital—so I read them. They mostly talked about having to cope and not to keep it all in, having a 'think tank' in order to let out all your emotions and feelings.

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