thirty-four ➶ homecoming and numbing

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Story time! So yesterday I was driving, like a normal person would, right? Also naturally I had 15 helium balloons in my trunk when a police car turned on their sirens behind me **commence heart attack for almost being pulled over**


Chapter thirty-four: Homecoming and numbing

I felt as if my entire world was falling apart, the feeling burying me into a deep pit of despair and I didn't know what to do. Why me? Why this?

I haven't had this feeling in a while but as I stood there and watched Frank looking lifeless in his wife's old room I felt my whole world crumble around me. The light of his life was gone.

Gone. What a sad word, the whole word sending chills down my back as I just slowly walked into the room. Passing the moving guys who were working hard to get all of Fiona's stuff out of the room.

The devastation written all over Franks face told the whole story. They didn't expect it—heck, she was doing better than I was.

What does that say about me?

I can't believe she's actually gone. I just saw her yesterday and now she's just, gone. It's morbid, it's terrifying and it makes you...think.

I knew that Homecoming was tonight, and even when I was super excited I couldn't even begin to think if this would be my last one. I could have a lot of lasts this year.

Or a lot of firsts?

Who knows.

I got rid of my own sad thoughts and walked over to Frank who was sitting on the bed with his head hanging down between his own palms.

I sat down next to him and didn't say anything. I felt like if he wanted to talk he will talk, but no one can make him speak to me. I know that if I lost someone close to me I wouldn't want to talk to anyone.

Some people just need to figure things down out on their own.

"She was a fighter Hot Shot." He started, referring to the old nickname he called me when we first met. "We met when I enlisted in Vietnam, you know," he said, giving me a sad smile. "She was the nurse that tended to me when I was injured."

I put my arm around him and as he sobbed I couldn't help but think of the dire circumstances they met under, and yet, they found love. Frank couldn't hold in his tears, the sadness coming out of him in waves.

He was a rock, always positive and here he was crying.

I didn't know what to do, the only thing I could do was hug him. He didn't hesitate to hug back and I heard him suck in his tears as he tried to steady himself.

He pulled away and cracked a famous grin. "I want one thing from you, to take my mind off of things."

I nodded my head. "Anything!"

"Let me help you get ready for homecoming."

"Nothing would make me happier."

Let's just say that not only did Frank know how to do makeup, but he could do it for a living he was that good at it. Damn. I had a light contour to my makeup, pretty neutral with my yellow dress and small sunflower earrings.

Frank also did Allison's. She had a smoky eye that complimented her red strapless dress—they only chose that color because that's Macy's logo color. Them going together made my heart sing and my ship sail, I couldn't be anymore happier for them.

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