twenty-nine ➶ a small scare and a teddy bear

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Chapter twenty-nine: a small scare and a teddy bear

"Adam, what's your favorite color?" I asked as we drove into the front entrance of the hospital and he put it into park.

We had finished the drive in movie, and let's just say it was the greatest thing ever. Adam wouldn't stop making Ellen Degeneres jokes and I couldn't stop laughing at them.

He shrugged. "Yellow, why?"

His favorite color was also yellow? What a coincidence.

"That's what we'll wear to Homecoming." I finalized, a grin among its way onto my face as he smirked down at me.

"Your truly my sunshine, did you know that sunshine?"

I blushed, did this guy have a pickup line dictionary or something? Because everything that comes out of this boy's mouth is swoon worthy.

"Well, I got to go." I said, trying to get out of this semi-embarrassing situation. I had no idea how else to respond to that.


"See ya May."

I shuffled out and waved to the retreating truck that went down the road and I walked into the building once it disappeared down the road.

What did I do to deserve that good of a...boyfriend? God it sounded weird calling him that now.

Walking into the elevator I felt a morbid blanket wash over the hospital when the doors opened to reveal my parents. They were standing outside my room that was located right next to the elevator.

My dad had a arm wrapped around my sobbing Mom who's body was raked with sobs. She was grabbing onto Xavier's jacket like her life depended on it and it didn't hit me until I saw Betty.

Betty was standing near the doorway, her normal Disney themed nurse garb was changed and it felt as if this day couldn't get any worse. Her once little mermaid decorated cloths from this morning had changed into a dark navy.

It felt as if slow motion had hit me right when I walked up to them because my mom slowly lifted her head up from my dads now booger infested suit and Betty just looked down at the ground.

"What's going on?" I asked slowly as I finally made it to them in the hospital linoleum floor hallway.

That question only caused her to return to crying even harder into my dad's shoulder and for Betty to slink back and turn from me to get the doctor.

The doctor came out of my room and he was holding a price of paper that I instantly knew wasn't going to be any good.

Call it a sixth sense but I definitely knew that when a doctor looks sad in a hospital and is walking towards you it's not a good sign.

I've seen enough medical induced tv shows to recognize that by now.

"May, can you sit down for us please?" The doctor mumbled and I nodded wearily.

We went into my room and they shit the door behind us as I sat down on my bed with a loud thump. Everyone surrounded my bed and I gulped nervously.

"May, we have been monitoring your injury's," he began, making me absent kindly touch my scars that layer out on my body from the crash. "And we noticed something...well, different."

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