ten ➶ dinner parties and a little smartie

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Chapter ten: dinner parties and a little smartie

I walked down the stairs and noticed that the dining room table was set up with fancy china and silverware that had me drooling. They were cleaned to the point that they could closely relate a mirror.

I followed the sound of voices and noticed that there were two boys and one girl who were sitting on the couch watching tv and Adam was walking over to them in a hurry.

He bent down and whispered something to them and they all turned around instantaneously and looked straight at me. The girl who was closer to Adam leaned and whispered something back and he nodded.

I blushed and walked over to them and Adam straightened up to his towering height and grinned at me. "May, this is Gabby." He said as he pointed at the girl.

"Hi." She murmured shyly.

"And this is Tommy and Danny. Twins." He pointed to the two boys and they grinned at me, instantly reminding me of their older brothers smirk—they are definitely related.

I waved at them and they waved back. "Nice to meet you."

The boys blushed and Adam didn't let it go unnoticed as he elbowed the closet one in the stomach.

Brotherly love I guess.

Chuckling at their behavior they all turned their attention back to me after their little cat fight and Adam came up to me. "You have the cutest laugh Springer." He smirked, throwing an arm around my shoulders, causing shivers to run down my back.

I blushed and he immediately smirked as the parents called us over to the kitchen to help grab the food plates and to bring them to the dinner table.

I caught sight of Adam's Mom and she was stunning, her dark brown curly hair reached her shoulders and her striking blue eyes had me almost falling over at how captivating they were.

"And this must be the famous May Springer." She said.

Adam came up behind me and said. "Yup, now Mom let's eat." He grinned, trying to change the subject.

I smiled at the fact that I was talked about in this household, maybe it's about the throw up incident but by the looks of it and Adams reaction, he must have been talking about me.

The group made its way into the dining room and they all sat down in their regular seats and I sat in the only empty one that was unfortunately next to Adam.

Maybe not as unfortunate as you may think...

Shut up brain.

After all the food was out, everyone starting to dig in, Donald opened his mouth to say something but was cut off by Gabby. "We never eat in this room, only for special occasions." She stated, almost as if it were a secret she wasn't supposed to tell.

I blushed at that, was eating with me a special occasion?

"Gabby!" Adam growled in anger and the rest of the table laughed at his outburst and Gabby's remark. Eventually everyone calmed down and I was finding myself to be extremely happy, this family dinner made my think what would have happened to my own if they ever realized that they had a daughter.

The table grew calm again and the only noise that could be heard was the calming of the table-ware.

"Why are you wearing a hat?" One of the twins asked as he pointed at my beanie—Tommy and Danny look so alike that I had no idea which was which.

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