thrity-three ➶ breakthrough and overdue

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A/N: So I'm officially going to be a Junior in the fall and I have to start looking for colleges to attend, any suggestions? —>

Chapter thirty-three: breakthrough and overdue

They were down by three, the opposing team making a break away as the quarter back ran down the field with speed I have never seen before. I called and cheated for it defense to make a move to stop them from strengthening their win.

The whole school couldn't hold in their opinions and cuss words—after all everyone wanted to win their very own homecoming game.

Adam couldn't do anything as he watched the defense make their own moves up and down the field. The defensive player—I think his name was Dylan—tackled the running quarter back from Highsview High School.

The crowd cheered and I jumped out of my seat and clapped and screamed for our football team. Now, don't get me wrong—I've never had an interest in football, heck, even my father didn't. But when Adam played he made it feel like I was apart of the game.

It was awesome.

He was good at it too, he could even play pro in my opinion—but hey, I'm pretty biased aren't I?

Our team had the ball and even though I felt light headed for some reason—maybe excitement?—I felt elated that our team had a chance to win it.

We had fifty-six seconds left in the game and both teams were huddled in a circle, our team breaking first and getting into position only a minute after they had formed. Once the other team followed Adam yelled something over the crowds cheering and the clock started.

It felt as if it happened in slow motion, the ball was snapped back and Adam caught it easily. He swiftly faked a throw to the left and than hurdled down the right side of the field with ease.

He was fifty yards out, than twenty five. The opposing team was struggling to get past the defense as he bolted down the field in expert fashion. I could barely keep my eyes on him as he sped past everyone in the stands, the players cheering him on.

Ten yards away, and than five, and than zero. The crowd went wild as he ran into the end zone, ball in hand right when the buzzer rang out across the crowd. His victory lap was short lived when his teammates ran towards him and threw him onto their shoulders.

I ran down the bleachers followed by Allison, Emma, and Summer as we all crowded at the fence watching our team celebrate their first win of the season. Adam couldn't wipe the smile off his face as he looked around the amassing group of people patting him on the back.

He spotted me in the crowd and got off his granted shoulders before running over to me, dripping in sweat, but still gorgeous.

"Hey handsome, good job!" I congratulated.

He chuckled and pulled me in so that both of our chests rested against each other. He looked down at me and using his free hand pushed my beanie back to where it belonged—I guess beanies aren't running proof.

"Thank you Sunshine."

"For what?" I asked.

"For being here."

I grinned. "No problem Allioni. Now, how about some food?"

He pulled back dramatically and patted his belly. "Finally! A girl who knows the way to my heart!"

I couldn't help but laugh at his silly antics and we both walked away after talking to a couple more people. We decided to meet the trio—Ally, Summer, And Emma—at the small diner we went to after our all-nighter.

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