eight ➶ new friends and a deep cleanse

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Chapter eight: new friends and a deep cleanse

I rolled my eyes and nodded for Allison to continue. "Now, by your looks." She started. "I would say that the fact that your hair is everywhere, and some is falling out by getting stuck to your clothing I would say you have a bad illness. Now, taking a total shot in the dark, do you have breast cancer by any chance and does this guy you talk about know about it?"

I feel faint all of a sudden.

How did she know that? My hands flew up to my hair and I felt the strands fall out, only a few but it still made me freak out.

Summer gasped and turned to me. "You have cancer?" She asked surprised.

I nodded and Allison did a fist pump at guessing right but when Emma and Summer shot her a look she quickly covered up her happiness.

"You know," I said smirking, my mood getting better by the minute for some odd reason. "Its not breast cancer."

Allison dropped and squinted at me to see if I was lying or not and I just smiled at her. "What type is it?" Emma asked. From this little conversation I could tell that she was naturally curious and I found that intriguing.

I shrugged. "Adult Acute Myeloid Leukemia."

Summer stood up and looked defeated. "Welp, let's stay positive shall we? Anyone up for a movie or something?" She asked somewhat desperately.

I nodded, I needed to get out of here anyway. Emma and Allison stood up as well and I was happy that I found these people, should I say friends? God that sounded weird after all these years.

As we walked out of the building and Emma volunteered to drive us in her car I noticed that Summer didn't like to talk about depressing things. She liked to keep all the negative out and say and do everything positive. It was admirable, but what could have happened to her that would make her sway so far right?

I guess I'll find out one day, but since I just met these people I should stay on their good side until I start to get to know them.

Then an idea came to mind.

"Hey guys." I said getting their attention so they would stop and turn around. "Let's go to my parents house, they have a movie theater."

They all got excited at the prospect of watching a movie on something that wasn't a computer screen and we all subconsciously started to walk faster to the car—probably to get there faster and to avoid getting caught skipping class in the middle of the day.

"Hey May, What the hell do your parents do for a living?" Allison asked bluntly as we walked into the screening room on the first floor.

I rolled my eyes and plopped down on one of the reclining leather chairs. "Ugh don't remind me that I have parents." I sighed as they all sat down in the chairs on either side of me.

"You don't like your parents?" Emma asked as she looked around the spacious room that I've learned to despise.

I nodded and tossed the remote into my seat as I got up. "Yup, what parents ignore their child, toss them into a hospital and ditch them for a two month long vacation in Cancun?"

"They fucking did that? Wow." Allison murmured as she too was looking around.

To think when given the option in a gift or flight situation they would choose to leave. They left for their vacation two days ago and I didn't even bother texting them to see when they'd be back. That was until they put a post-it note on the fridge saying they where gonna be home in two months.

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