nineteen ➶ decorations and frustrations

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Chapter nineteen: decorations and frustrations

I trudged around school, beanie on my head and bag on shoulder as I walked towards the gym. Today was Sunday, surprising that I'm at school, but we had to set up for homecoming.

Homecoming was this Saturday and to get a head start on decorations the 'Enthusiastic's Club' decided to start a week early. Summer convinced the gym teachers to hold class outside for the week and the principal to give us the keys in order for us to get in here.

I walked in and saw Summer and Allison on ladders on either side of the entrance tossing streamers at each other. Emma was on a bleacher blowing up balloons and I went to join her when I was stopped in my tracks.

There on the other side of the gym was Adam with his football buddies building a booth for the dance.

Adam spotted me and did his usual jog towards me, afraid that I might run away he rested his hand on my shoulder and gave me a smile. "Can we talk in private?"

I nodded even when my brain was telling me know and he led me into the hallway and near the student doors before he turned around and sighed.

"I'm sorry."

"Sorry for what?" I asked, trying to get him to admit to something.

"Sorry for kissing you and than going behind your back and kissing someone else. I'm not a player, I never do this." He said, almost as if he's trying to convince himself that he actually did do exactly what he did.

I shook my head, angry that he was trying to play the victim here. "Do what? We aren't boyfriend and girlfriend, you can do whatever the hell you want."

He ran a hand through his hair. "I'm, I'm sorry Okay."

I popped my hip out and placed my hand on it, sassy becoming my middle name. "Than why'd you do it? Trying to make the cancerous girl feel even worse?"

I felt bad for pulling that card but right now I didn't have to feel sorry for him or hurt. I was the one he confused and hurt and I didn't know what to do—uncharted territory for me.

"My Dad is the sherif and has a reputation to uphold, the mayors daughter has a crush on me so he forced me to ask her to the mayors ball."

I huffed. "Yea sure, you where forced to dance and smooch a super hot model." I said, sarcasm dripping from every word.

"Look I just wanted to explain myself on why I did what I did, the balls in your court now Sunshine." He stated, turning to walk away but I was quick to pull him back by his elbow, almost immediately regretting it when I felt sparks ignite where skin touched skin.

"Hell no it isn't! I have no say in this situation and you know it."

"Well it's over between her and I if that makes you feel any better, I only did it for my family and I'm sorry if that hurt you!" He said, his voice rising slowly.

"What do you expect me to do?"

"Forgive me." He said, softer than before.

I nodded, I didn't have the energy to fight with him anymore, let alone carry on with this painful grudge against him. He's done nothing but be kind to me and the others around him. You know, bedsides where he kissed me and than kissed another girl for a reputation.

But we'll ignore that last part.

"Your infuriating! Frustrating even! Just stop screwing up!"

He chuckled as I gave him a messed up forgiveness. "And please, stop acting so weird around me when ever I mention chemo," He cringed at that word and I punched him. "Or whenever I saw Cancer, it's annoying."

He nodded in agreement and I did a very unlikely thing for me, I hugged him. He slowly hugged back and I was glad that this awkward friendship was back.

"Now," I said. "Let's get back to decorating."  He smiled at me and we walked back to the gym.

As we walked down the corridor he nudged me in the shoulder. "You know, I was wondering,"

"Wondering What?"

"Are you still going to wear my jersey on Friday?" He asked sheepishly.

I hadn't thought of that yet, I had totally forgotten that there was a home I gotta game let alone that Adam gave me his extra jersey to wear to it.

"I guess so."

"Good, because that so called 'super hot model' is going and I want her to stay away from me and what's mine."

I blushed a deep crimson when he claimed his territory like that, he wanted to protect me. But than I grew scared at the prospect of a jealous ex-one night only girlfriend coming for me.

He noticed since my hair could no longer shield my face and chuckled. "It's okay Sunshine, your safe with me."

As if, I heard the mayors daughter has nails like Edward Scissor hands—the Johnny Depp one.

We re-entered the gym and everyone just smiled, probably knowing that we had forgiven each other and moved back to their work.

It was weird how fast we forgave each other all the time, I would fight with him or he would go and do something like that and we'd always still come back together.

I went over to Emma and picked up a yellow balloon and started to blow in it. With my shortness of breath it was hard for me to finish it off without passing out—Emma had taken notice and snatched it from me.

"Go help the boys with the booths, your safer there."

I nodded, not willing to have a second argument within the same hour and walked over to the football team to see them setting up a milk-jug game. Toss a ball into the jug and you get a prize, that sort of thing.

They were lounging around doing absolutely nothing with the wood, all either tossing a football around or playing on their phones.

They saw me coming and instantly got back to work, tripling in order to get to where they were supposed to be. I laughed and walked over to Adam. "Got any jobs for me to do?"

He nodded. "You see that box over there?" He asked, I nodded and he continued. "That's full of stuffed animal prizes, can you bring that over here?"

"Sure thang, nothin but a chicken wing." I said, laughing directly afterwards at what I had just said.

Adam just chuckled and I walked over to the box, easily carrying it back to where the booth was being built and sat it down on the floor.

"You are full of surprises Sunshine." Adam commented.

"How so Allioni?"

"I'm surprised you could lift that entire thing without employing anyone's help." He smirked.

I walked over and punched him in the arm for being sexists and than walked away from the group of dimwits and back to Emma where I would try once again to help her blow up balloons.

I walked over and punched him in the arm for being sexists and than walked away from the group of dimwits and back to Emma where I would try once again to help her blow up balloons

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