thirty-two ➶ football and downfall

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Chapter thrity-two: football and downfall

"You did what?!" Summer yelled as we all got ready for the football game.

I shrugged. "I got a tattoo, no big deal."

"No big deal!" Emma yelled over Summers groaning.
"No big deal is like eating the last cookie, not getting a tattoo on your wrist!"

I chuckled and so did Allison. "You guys, I wasn't the only one who got one you know."

"Yea, but Ally is prone to doing stuff like that." Summer said, as if it just happened to have slipped into the casual conversation.

"She's right," Emma started, sticking her thumb at Ally. "Last year she got arrested for possession of stolen property."

I quirked up an eyebrow. "And what did you steal?" I asked Allison.

Everyone chuckled and Allison stood up and raised her hands in the air like she was proud of something. "I stole five hundred talking unicorn toys, and I am proud."

I couldn't help but belt out a laugh that I had been trying to keep in—who would ever in their life want to steal that many unicorns?

"You're quite the character." I commented as we all put finishing touches on our make up and outfits.

I was wearing black yoga pants, tan combat boots and on top of my long sleeve white shirt, Adam's football jersey. I felt proud to wear his number, it was symbolic in so many ways.

Allison was wearing a maroon school colored sweatshirt with our mascot on it, and a pair of cute ripped jeans that were rolled at the ends. Her all black nike tennis shoes matched her personality perfectly.

Summer was wearing a light grey thin athletic sweatshirt with maroon yoga pants and white tennis shoes. Her hair was in a high bun and some golden locks fell out as she walked along side me to the car.

Emma looked the best out of all of us. Her black long sleeve shirt was paired with a white vest and light blue ripped jeans. Paired with a maroon baseball cap and a pair of combat boots and she looked off the charts.

We approached Emma's car and I couldn't help but cringe at what my parents had gotten her. After the accident—you know, the on where I crashed Emma's truck—my parents had to give her a new one. And it wasn't like her new one was bad or anything, but it was the fact that they got her a brand spanking new car.

It was a 2018 Chevy—one that hasn't even been released yet. It had black exterior and a tan interior with all the buttons and pulleys, even black rims gave it a sleek look and Emma beamed as she approached it. I couldn't take my eyes off of it either.

Damn, my parents aren't ones to cop out.

"Let's get this show on the road!" Allison whooped, and we all followed as we piled into her car.

"Four tickets please." Emma murmured, her social skills and shyness coming into play as she mumbled incoherent sentences in front of the hot ticket guy.

I nudged her and wiggled my eyebrows and she just punched me in the arm and grabbed the tickets from the hot guys hands.

"You're so obvious." Allison chuckled to Emma as we made our way into the fenced in stadium.

"And you still haven't asked out the Macy's dude yet." Emma snapped back.

Summer and I laughed at the burn and Allison crossed her arms over her chest and walked faster into the growing crowd around the stands.

"What about you summer?" I asked.

"Well, what about me?" She asked herself, holding out her hand as she started to list. "I'm awesome, amazing, overall the best human being ever—oh! And I'm sexy as hell right now."

I loathed whole-heartedly at her joke and clarified my question. "I meant, what about you in your romantic life? I have Adam, Allison has Macy's dude and apparently Emma has ticket stand guy."

She shrugged as we followed Emma and Ally into the crowd as we found our seats, the ones right next to the boys locker room below the stands. "Not much really, my love life is shot at the moment and there is nothing I can do about it." She grumbled.

"Fine, than I make it my job that before Christmas I'll find you a date to Prom." I promised.

Summer wasn't looking at me but over my shoulder when I finished my sentence so I looked over to see who or what she was staring at and noticed it was a certain football player running our way.

Adam jogged over in his crisp uniform clad hotness and grinned at me in the most heart wrenching, body warming, leg wobbling way.

"Hey, thanks for coming." He thanked, his smile genuine.

I nodded, happy about the fact that he hadn't taken his eyes off of his jersey on me since he jogged over. "I'll leave you two love-birds alone." Summer states automatically before she ran full speed ahead out of the crowd.

Adam smirked, showing off his pearly whites. "Summer sure knows how to make things awkward."

"Yea, she does." I agreed, a little breathless with the way he was looking at me.

Adam leaned towards me and pulled me into a side hug before facing me towards the field, even though we couldn't see it over the gathering heads. "I'm dedicating this game to you Sunshine, you make my life brighter and you give me a purpose—thank you for coming May."

I nodded and leaned up against his broad stature. "I wouldn't miss it for the world."

"Thank you, really May. But I've got to get going, Coach will skin me if I'm late to my own football game."

I chuckled and slapped him lightly on the shoulder before he started to run back. "Go get 'em tiger."

He was about half way to the locker rooms when he turned around and full speed ran towards me again. Did he forget something? He has his uniform and everything, what did he need?

He—without warning—grabbed my pale skinned face between his large calloused hands and planted his smooth lips onto my own. It was a delicate kiss, that also seemed to show all the emotions he was feeling at that very moment.

I stood up on my tippy-toes to get close to him but he had to pull away when we heard hoots and hollers from his teammates in the background. He rested his forehead against mine and smiled down at me.

"God, I am truly lucky to have you."

He pecked me on the lips one last time before running back to his teammates, who—once he reached them—patted him on the back as he blushed.

"Good luck Allioni!" I yelled as he his teammates made fun of him.

That boy is going to kill me one day, I swear he's to good for me sometimes.

That boy is going to kill me one day, I swear he's to good for me sometimes

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