twenty-one ➶ high school party and a little tardy

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Chapter twenty-one: High school party and a little tardy //un-edited//

"May! Get your cute little buns out here and let's go!" Allison yelled from outside my bathroom door.

I pulled at the hem of my dress once more and walked out of the bathroom that connected to my bedroom to see all of them already up and ready.

Allison was wearing a pair of ripped jeans and a white tank top paired with a camo green jacket that hung loosely off her shoulders. Her combat boots sealed the deal and she looked totally bad ass.

Emma was wearing a white, mid thigh length flowing dress with knee high boots that competed the dress perfectly.

Summer looked the most beautiful. Her of the shoulder orange one piece with a sweetheart neckline ran and accentuated her curves like none other.

I wore the lace white dress we had found at the mall with the combat shoes along with it and I felt strong and confident in it. My bald head was covered in the pink beanie like usual and I was ready to go.

"Let's get going!" Emma yelled as she threw her hands up in the air like a 'woo-girl' from How I Met Your Mother.

I nodded and we all exited the room and into the elevator right next door to the bedroom. Getting out of the medal box and into the parking lot we chose Emma's truck because we knew that it had the most wiggle-room.

Planning out ahead of time we knew that I was going to the 'sober-sally' today and they would get heads over heels in love with beer for this moment forward.

I pulled up the address and we didn't waist time as we crossed town in the Ford pick up and right up into the driveway of the party.

"Let's party!" Summer squealed as we all got it of the car and unit the mansion like house.

The noises and fresh smell of liquor filled my senses as we made our way through the body crowded hallways like a pack of lamas being herded around.

God now I'm starting to sound like Summer.

I spotted Adam leaning up against the kitchen counter and I smiled at him as we walked towards each other. He raised his arms in the air motioning to the party surrounding him. "How's your first ever high school party?"

I chuckled. "Taken into consideration that I just walked in, it's good."

He belted out a deep baritone laugh and put an arm around my shoulders in a friendly manner, not that I didn't like it but it dampened my self-esteem. You'd think that since we kissed we would be somewhere father, but hey I'm thankful I even have a friend like him.

"Want a drink?" He asked as he waved and smiled to a couple of his teammates.

"Nah I'm good, I'm driving home." I shrugged.

"Well I don't think you'll be needing to drive anyone home today." He pointed out, nodding his head towards the dancing mob of high schools and I grew surprised when I saw all three of my friends dancing.

Summer was with some nerd that looked to be one of those 'super-man' geeks, a bookworm under the glasses and a strong handsome man in the sheets—if you know what I mean.

"Now do you want to let loose and have a drink?"

I shook my head, I knew he was uncomfortable talking about my illness but the answer pertained to that. "It's okay, it interferes with chemo so I can't."

His arm stiffened around me but soon relaxed as he tried to keep his promise about not being weird about it and I was grateful for it.

"Let's dance Allioni!" I laughed and I dragged him to the middle and stared to awkwardly dance around him in a cricket as he clapped his hands together in hysteria.

"Sunshine, are you performing at your highest level? I'm impressed."

He pulled me close and I didn't waist time smiling up at him as we swayed slowly, making me blush a deep red at the proximity.

"Cancer is a blessing." Adam murmured under his breath catching me off guard.

"What? Why?" I asked, somewhat mad about his comment, hitting a nerve I didn't know existed.

He was surprised that I heard him and lifted his head up and grinned at me, a polar opposite reaction of what I was expecting.

"Because you can't cover that beautiful blush with your hair."

I chuckled nervously at the weird conversation and placed my forehead on his chest in exhaustion and he caught on quick, dragging me out of the house and into the backyard.

The cold caught me off guard and I was quick to wrap my arms around myself to cover up whatever insecurities I was holding.

This whole night had flashed right before my eyes and I didn't know what to think of it. Not only had thrown up in the last two hours but I was at a party on an unusual Sunday night.

Adam placed his arms around me as we sat on the edge of the porch stairs looking out on the pond in the mansions backyard. The stars looked as if a million twinkle lights had been suspended in the night air for that single moment.


"What?" I asked turning to him while his arm stayed wrapped around my own.

"Penny for your thoughts." Adam said.

I shrugged, there was really nothing I was thinking about at the moment, I was living in the moment. The stars and everything that has happened so far was just too magical to ruin it with a thought about cancer or chemo.

I should be living in the moment and why wouldn't I be able to do just that?

What am I doing?

I should be doing what my life is meant to do, grab life by its balls or nut sack and twist it so hard until I get what I want, when I want it.

Without thinking twice I turned and looked at my only good friend that 'got me' that complete understood that not only did I fear death but I feared that I wouldn't be able to live life like I dreamed of.

He didn't gasp or cry when I told him, he didn't move to some exotic islands and he didn't completely ignore me when I told him—he made me feel wanted, he made me feel like this wasn't the end.

I don't know why I was thinking like this in such a weird moment in my life but I was, and I don't even want to know how many times I've thought-said the word life in the short minute I've been thinking.

So, I did what any high school teenager would do while in the arms of her crush, I locked lips with him.

He gasped at the sudden movement but didn't hesitate to return it with equal fever and in an equal urgency as me.

He was the air to my lungs and I couldn't seem to get enough of him even when inhaling him under the star-y Sunday night.

He was the air to my lungs and I couldn't seem to get enough of him even when inhaling him under the star-y Sunday night

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