fourteen ➶ enthusiastics club and a ticket stub

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Chapter fourteen: Enthusiastic's Club and a ticket stub. //edited//

Once I had ran out of the room in a fit of rage I may or may not have kicked a random car in the parking lot, making the alarm sound. Causally I had walked away, but the alarm of the car still hasn't turned off and it's still blaring in the parking lot.

No big deal, it's only been three hours. I have calmed down now.

"May? Are you ok?" Allison asked, very unlike her.

I shook my head if my thoughts and nodded. "Uh, Yea."

"Than why is Adam being so moody lately?" Emma asked, almost like she knew that Ally would have asked if she hadn't.

"He's being moody? I haven't even seen him all day."

Now that I think about it, he wasn't in math when I had gone there and had my rage fit. He probably would have been proud if he saw it—but he didn't.

"Okay, anyway," Summer said loudly getting everyone's attention. "Matter at hand—Enthusiastic's Club has started."

Right. It was lunch time and we were hidden in the alcove of a unused classroom in the back of the school near the gym.

Sounds fun, right?

I don't even know how I became a member, you run in here crying once and they inaugurate you into the club without permission right away.

"The student council is swamped preparing for the football games, so we've been handed the job to plan the homecoming dance!" Summer said while clapping her hands excitedly.

I rolled my eyes, were we really expected—only four people—to plan for the dance, alone without any outside help?

This was going to be a disaster.

"Emma, you are on decorations. Allison, you are on music—find some cool DJ or something, and May your job is to get the football players to help us."

My head shot up from the desk at the mention of the football players but Summer interrupted me before I could speak. "I'll be on publicity and getting the word around, the theme this year is 'Carnival'."

"Um, why am I trying to get the football players help?" I asked, holding up my hand in the air like a child trying to get attention.

Allison mugged me with her elbow. "It's because your up close and personal with Adam, the captain."

I huffed, she had a point. The football players would be great to get them on our side, it would convince the rest of the population on attending this dance.

"Ok fine."

Summer pretended to get into a huddle and she put her hand in her circle, and when no one else followed suit she yelled. "Break!" And threw her hand in the air before running out of the classroom.

Everyone else followed behind, but slower and went there deprecate ways. I knew that the football players would be having a small practice during lunch so I headed to the field to see if Adam could convince them.

I reached the field in a matter of minutes and saw them all running plays, huddled in the middle before slamming out and slowly running the play, learning and analyzing the field.

I walked up to the sidelines and felt as if I should have a pen and paper with a feather in my fedora in order to fit in with the crowd.

Or at least some Pom-Poms. Everyone watching in the bleachers where either fangirls or the high school local newspaper that was waiting to get a word out of the coach.

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