twenty-three ➶ its a crime to ryhme sometimes

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A/N: I was verbally attacked by a fellow author today so my updates may be slow because my inspiration to write has slowed along with it, I'm sorry for the inconvenience but this person attacked me and I don't feel up to it anymore. But no worries, I'll still update, just not as fast (:

And that's why the title is what it is, just to clear up some weird confusion.... (:

Chapter twenty-three: it's a crime to rhyme sometimes //un-edited//

3rd person POV:

Adam paced the room as he ran a hand through his long brown locks in worry. The only other people in that room happened to be Allison, Summer and Emma.

Mays parents were still in Cancun and wouldn't be coming back due to lack of interest in their daughter. Unfortunately.

The doctor with his crisp white coat strolled into the hospital waiting room with a swagger in his step as he tucked the clipboard underneath his arm.

Adam swiveled and almost lost it as he ran full speed at the Doctor until he reached him with heavy, labored breaths.

"Is she okay?" Adam said in between pants.

The doctor pursed his lips and looked at the clipboard. "I have some news to relay, are her parents here?" He asked as he scrunched his eyebrows together, looking around the room.

Adam shook his head. "No sir, but I'm Family do you can tell me."

"Oh? And who might you be to Miss Springer?"

Adam took a threatening step towards the Doctor and Summer sprang from her seat and hugged him backwards before he did anything he would regret later on.

"May has Leukemia, which you probably already know. She is recovering but when we were running some tests, we...uh, found something concerning." Mr. Harrison stated, taking off his glasses and looking them all over before he continued. "Her Cancer has spread to her blood stream, it'll take some time to see where it'll go but until than we can't  do anything at the moment."

"You son of a bitch!" Allison yelled, pushing back Adam so she could get to the Doctor. "Your going to kill her you fucking idiot!"

Summer pulled her back and she stepped forward. Knowing her level headedness could allow them to see May as soon as they possibly could. "Is there any way we can see her?"

He shook his head 'no' and patted Adam on the shoulder before going back through the swinging doors and into the depths of the hallways.

"What a douchebag!" Adam yelled as he tugged at his hair in frustration.

They all nodded and sat down in the waiting room once again, the silence overtaking the once chatting, partying group of friends.

Allison, Emma and Summer had all rushed from he party as soon as they heard the police sirens, afraid that they would get caught drinking underage. It was only until Adam got a call from the hospital did they realize that those sirens were meant for May.

It was devastating the pain she had to go though, and yet she never caught a break in her life. It was like a domino affect, once in motion it could never stop.

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