thirteen ➶ bald heads and loose threads

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Chapter thirteen: bald heads and loose threads

I walked down the ramp to the front entrance of the hospital and hesitated when I passed the shuttle that I usually take and saw Frank standing with his walker.

"Hotshot! You coming?" Frank yelled and I regretted agreeing to the ride Adam offered.

"Nope, got a ride today." I said, pursing my lips.

Frank didn't ask any further and he walked on, only to tap on his window and flip the bird smiling at me. I just waved back and walked to Adam's truck.

Adam smiled as I got into his car and pulled out of the parking lot and onto the main highway. "How was chemo?" He asked awkwardly.

He sounded as if he was just trying to start up a conversation, and the only thing we could talk about was my illness.

"You know, what about you? How's football?" I retired back, knowing he was uncomfortable talking about my illness.

His face instantly lit up and he started to ramble about how they had a football game that Friday and that he was going to start—but he knew that it would be a tough game because they where playing the Vikings from Partridge.

"And you should totally come to the game!" Adam said, catching my attention.

"Oh ok, I'll see if I'm free." I said, not having a single clue on why he would want me there, but I guess I have nothing better to do.

We reached the school right on time and I was about to get out when Adam locked the doors. I swiveled and looked him straight in the eyes and saw that he was already looking at me with an intense glance.

My whole body heated up in repose to his lust filled eyes and I almost lost my eyes in the depth of his blue orbs.

"May?" He asked.

"Hmm?" I hummed, lost in the fact that he looked extremely hot right now.

I've never been in a relationship, have never seen the effects of hormones and have never found a nice guy hot, even Adam before I got to know them.

"Wear my jersey on Friday?"

I hyperventilated and started to freak out, was he really asking me to wear something that was reserved for girlfriends and family members only?

So, naturally.

I blacked out.

"May?" Someone said, slightly shaking my arm. "May, it's Summer."

I cracked open one eye and noticed that I was in a ambulance that was going through traffic at a high sped and both Adam and Summer where sitting next to me along with a nurse.

Adam was throwing his hands up in the air as the nurse just ignored him and was checking something off on her clipboard.

"Oh good your awake." The nurse said. "You blacked out because of fatigue and lack of energy."

"Was it because of the Leukemia?" I asked.

Her eyes rounded out and she scribbled more stuff down her clipboard. "I wasn't aware you had Leukemia, that changes everything."

"What does that change?" Summer asked.

"Just the amount of fluids we should be pumping her with, you'll be back at school soon, and May, you should probably stop going to school."

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