thirty-one ➶ tattoos and refuse

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Chapter thirty-one: tattoos and refuse

Mays Bucket List:

1) Stay Positive, (done: w/ Summer, Ally and Emma)

2) Go to Navy Pier

3) Build a Fort (pillows and blankets) and watch a movie in it (done: w/ Summer)

4) have an all nighter (done: w/ Adam)

5) Go to a high school party (done: w/ Adam, Summer, Ally and Emma)

6) attend a drive in movie (done: w/ Adam)

7) get a tattoo

8) Go on a trip with my friends

9) Dance in the rain (done: w/ Adam)

10) Ride a Ferris wheel

Allison sat next to me and knocked her fingers across the table, drumming her fingertips across the fake wood of the nightstand next to my desk as we looked at my bucket list.

She looked up and we locked eye contact. "Thoughts?" I asked.

Allison after Summer was sent to cross off one of my bucket list items with me, and I didn't put up any fight because I too wanted to finish this damn thing.

She smirked. "What about getting a tattoo today?" She asked.

I resisted rolling my eyes. "Ugh Fine." She didn't need to do much convincing—it's on the list so we are doing it.

Allison fist pumped and grabbed her purse off the floor before dragging me out of the room and into the hallway. I got my wrist out of her iron like grip and gave her a 'one minute' sign before going down the hall as she followed behind me.

I knew that getting a tattoo was a risky move when I pretty much had blood cancer at this moment. Getting a procedure where I would be possibly infecting my blood needed clearance from my doctor first. 

I walked into the doctors office—the same one that I got the bad news and he looked up from his papers and smiled. "Yes Miss Springer?"

I went behind the chair in front of his desk and tested my hands on it in a relaxing manner. "I was wondering if it was safe for me to get a tattoo?"

The doctor took off his glasses and rested them next to his hand that was rested on his desk. "Well, as long as you are safe and use clean tools—than Yes, you can get a tattoo."

I nodded, excited that I was able to get a tattoo.

Walking back or and waving a small goodbye I met Allison outside and with the grin plastered on my face she guess right away what the good news was.

I practically skipped my way to the elevator and down the hallway as we exited the hospitals front doors to the parking lot. Allison's maroon 2012 Toyota Hylander was sitting in the nearest handicapped space—I didn't ask—and we made our way to the tattoo parlor.

The closer we got the more nervous I became.

"Ally, have you ever gotten a tattoo?" I asked, trying to calm the butterfly's in my stomach.

She nodded. "Yup, got one for my brother a while ago."

"Do you mind me asking, what convinced you to get one?" I asked, curious peaking at the mention of her family. She never talked about them.

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