twenty-eight ➶ impromtu trip and a tiny warship

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Chapter twenty-eight: impromptu trip and a tiny warship //un-edited//

"Pull it out May." Adam mumbled and I blushed, the inappropriate thoughts already swirling through my mind.

That's what he said.

God I'm a terrible person.

I pulled out my bucket list, actually knowing what he meant by 'pull it out' and I handed it to him. Adam took it upon himself to cross at least one more item off my bucket list before the weekend.

It was Tuesday, in three days was the football game and I couldn't wait to leave the hospital and return to school, even if it was just for a game. This week I've gotten walking and eating pat down, the abilities coming back easily—the only hard thing?

Chemotherapeutic treatment was not on a 'all-set' signal yet and I was growing nervous that it was getting worse. I was supposed to get a scan soon to see how it was doing, but even so I still felt weaker and in more pain.

Today was already a stressful day, What with the fact that Franks and Fiona wanted to adopt me, I moved rooms, Emma had a bunch of flowers in my room and I bumped into Adam—all in one day.

That's what you call stressful.

"Let's see here, what have you done so far..." Adam whispered as he nudged me with his elbow.

Mays Bucket List:

1) Stay Positive, (done: w/ Summer, Ally and Emma)

2) Go to Navy Pier

3) Build a Fort (pillows and blankets) and watch a movie in it

4) have an all nighter (done: w/ Adam)

5) Go to a high school party (done: w/ Adam, Summer, Ally and Emma)

6) attend a drive in movie

7) get a tattoo

8) Go on a trip with my friends

9) Dance in the rain (done: w/ Adam)

10) Ride a Ferris wheel

Adam looked up at me and smirked.


"What are these extra two on the bottom?" He said smirking.

My brain shut down when I realized I gave him my actual one than my decoy one. After we had..Well, kissed in the rain that one day I had rushed into the library and wrote down two goals that I wanted to cross off.

But they kinda pertained to Adam.

Really embarrassing things about Adam.

Shoot. Me. Now.

I've always given him a decoy one so he won't see them, and I guess I messed up this time and slipped a little bit into my own pool of embarrassment.

"May, are these true?" He asked, his tone turning serious.

I nodded and he smiled before getting up from the ground and coming up to me. He helped me up and didn't hesitate to plant his lips onto my own, the sparks igniting in the pits of my stomach. My nerve ends turning liquid as our moths molded together.

His body pressed up against my own and only when I lost my breath did we pull apart, our breaths laboring.

I stepped back, trying to keep things PG since we were still in the middle of a park—and even though there are no kids right now, there could be soon.

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