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Our Storyline by missionhayniac
Our Storylineby missionhayniac
Bea Vanderselt was just an average girl, or at least until she was diagnosed with leukemia. Being on the edge of living and death isn't the easiest place to be, so the h...
Fight by CharlotteMichelle96
Fightby Charlotte Michelle
Beautiful cover created by My_Sweet_Paradise She has Leukemia. He is an underground fighter. He is fighting to be free from his past. She is fighting to live.
The Boys in Hospital Clothes by skydancer0
The Boys in Hospital Clothesby skydancer0
They said he didn't have any hope. Yoongi doesn't care, because as long as he's with them, he's alright...even when the world decides to take them away one by one. Even...
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Fixing the Pieces by Esmeraldakay
Fixing the Piecesby Esmeraldakay
I am Nichole Pierce, I'm seventeen and I'm dying. I was diagnosed with Acute lymphoblastic leukemia. My time is running out. SNEAK PEEK: Niall walked in, found me cryin...
One Final Wish by AnnaVilog
One Final Wishby AnnaVilog
Carter Cole is a famous girl. She is 15 years old. She lives with her mother, Cheryl Cole, and her brother, Carson Cole. What will happen if Carter finds out that her da...
Stealth l Taekook by Kooktae2000
Stealth l Taekookby Kooktae2000
A short love story where a bad boy Jeon Jungkook meets Kim Taehyung who passes through his classroom and he has fallen onto him for the first sight.
Sugar Coated | Dreamwastaken by Locket_12
Sugar Coated | Dreamwastakenby Locket_12
Without warning or caution an anonymous hacker joins a new youtuber each day and plays with them. Nobody knows who they are, they don't have social media and especially...
Moon Eternity | Mikey x Reader by zidiro
Moon Eternity | Mikey x Readerby kitkat
The short love story about a delinquent and a girl with leukemia. "Shut up, Baji, we have a whole life ahead! I'll confess to her one day..." "I only hav...
Heart's thorn [Ran Haitani x Male Reader] by Mitsuya_side_chick
Heart's thorn [Ran Haitani x Male...by Froggie_♡︎
"Promise me you won't leave me..." "I promise..."
Baseballs in the Stars (boyxboy) by larrys27tattoos
Baseballs in the Stars (boyxboy)by Callie
Leo has been battling cancer for twelve long years. It's caused his siblings and father to leave him and has robbed him from living life. He has contemplated suicide and...
Daughter of a Billionaire by StarsNRainbows
Daughter of a Billionaireby ...that's irrelevant
Blair is a 15 year old girl who was raised in poverty and hated by her family, and she barely knows her father. So what happens when she is sent to live with him and his...
The Immortal Child (Twilight) by weird_otaku_fangirl
The Immortal Child (Twilight)by Anonymous
This is the story of an immortal child. Known to be one of the greatest dangers to exposing the vampires to the world. Their halted development rendering them unable to...
Meant To Be Together by lisaaaaa1616
Meant To Be Togetherby Clay/Lisa
George is 17 and in his last year of high school when he gets terrible news. After having weird nosebleeds, strange bruises and a lot of dizziness, the doctors find out...
Adrenaline by moonshine_writes
Adrenalineby moonshine
Liberty "Libby" Solace has a shielded heart and walls she never wants to be crumbled down. She put up the perfect facade of living the normal life of being a b...
I'll Always Be Here by Roxy_Queen_Of_Hell
I'll Always Be Hereby Roxy
after 10 years of being in remission, David Burtka is re-diagnosed with Leukemia. now, Neil has to be there for his husband in ways he hoped he never had to again. take...
Black Blood Cell [Leukemia] | Cells At Work by x-xiaries-u
Black Blood Cell [Leukemia] | Cell...by XA
It was another day inside the human body. No germs were sighted or any pathogens troubling the city. The cells were in a peaceful situation however Helper T Cell spotted...
UNTIL THE END | ✔️ by carita_dcosta
UNTIL THE END | ✔️by Carita D’Costa
Kenna Joy's life is shattered when she finds out she's positive for leukaemia. When she visits Travenford, the hospital where she is to be treated, she meets Tyler. Tyl...
His Iman by Ramlasiraj
His Imanby Ramlasiraj
"You Were your father's Iman ,your mother's Iman, your family 's Iman, you were once His Iman, Sameer, right ? I nodded hoping he wont hear my pounding heartbeat...
Candy // SeulRene by BenieChu
Candy // SeulReneby Benie Chu
"before I go would there be something I could say to lessen your pain?... It pained me how much your mind could make you feel so hopeless" Joohyun broke the co...
As Long As I'm With You \ A BakuDeku Story by Itsjustmoi07
As Long As I'm With You \ A BakuDe...by ✨𝒮𝓊𝒸𝓀𝓎 𝒜𝓊𝓉𝒽𝑜𝓇✨
After a young Izuku Midoriya lost his mother at the age of five, he was left at an orphanage. The young boy was always alone, playing with his toys. When he reached the...