thirty-five ➶ emergencies and uncertainties

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Chapter thirty-five: emergencies and uncertainties

Adam's POV: (you're welcome)

"Adam thank you so much for tonight already." She stated as he bright green eyes met mine, can this girl be any more perfect? Honestly.

Just at the right moment we reached the top of the Ferris wheel and everything felt surreal, almost as if this was the perfect moment. The shinning lights of Parttridge Indiana shown in front of us and in some odd way it reminded me of when we first met—well actually how she met my dad.

Get it, siren lights, carnival lights? No, that's okay.

I turned away from the view and looked at May next to me. Her face had turned sickly pale and words couldn't describe how freaked out I was at that moment. "May, are you okay?" I asked quickly, realizing the situation we were in

She nodded, getting up as her breaths started to get shallower, her chest rinsing up and down rapidly as she had what looked like a panic attack.

It was when I saw her eyes did I start to freak out—dark grey. "Sunshine!"

May toppers over just as we reached the bottom of the Ferris wheel and I ran to her and grabbed her in my arms. This can't be happening. This can't be happening.

"Sunshine!" I yelled once more.

She didn't respond and her eyes rolled into the back of her head and that's when I started to scream. Paramedics came running over from the ambulance they came from (someone must have called 9-1-1).

They crowded around her and one dragged me away from her limp body, this isn't fair, why her, why now!?

"May!" I yelled once more.

The one paramedic on my right pushed me down and that's when the fight or flight message kicked in—fight. I flew my fist in the air and landed a punch to the guys left jaw just as we reached the ambulance. He toppled over in an instance and that's when all hell broke loose, the other paramedics came running over to restrain me and right when the brunette girl paramedic ran over I blacked out.

Stupid paramedic sedated me.

Mother trucker dude.

"Why the hell is my son in the hospital?!"

"Well sir we had to sedate him in order to keep him calm."

"I call Bull shit."

"Well sir!"

I felt someone shake my bed and I awoke with a jolt before hitting done on the mattress again in exhaustion. Cracking an eye open I saw a distressed nurse and my dad.

The nurse handed me a cup of water and before my dad opened his big mouth again I realized why I was there.


I stood up and instantly towered over the both of them. "Where's May?" I asked the nurse quickly, but not angrily like I was before.

"Room 246"

"Thank you." I stated honestly before storming out of the room and down the hall, I had to see May if it was the last thing I did.

I wanted to see her, no I needed to see her.

I reached the landing where the lobby was and booked it to room 246, where May hopefully is okay. Please be Okay May. I couldn't bear to see such a bright and happy souls leave this world.

I reached the room door that had the metal numbers plastered on it, almost keeping me away from opening the door. My feet bolted to the ground, subconsciously not wanting to see her just yet. Yet.

Nurses passed me in the hallway as I just simply stared at her doorway—to think that she is on the other side.

Pushing away all feelings I cracked the door open and peered inside, there was only Frank sitting there next to an empty bed. My heart stopped.

This can't be happening.

The floorboards creaked beneath me and gained Frank's attention. I've never met the man, but only glances and stories that May had told me, about him and his wife.

His wife, the one that passed away this morning, and now May was going through the same thing. But hopefully this time May pulls through.

His state bore a hole straight through me and I didn't know what to do until he patted the bed next to him and I didn't hesitate before sitting down. He gave me a sad grin. "She's in surgery—for her bone marrow transplant." He mumbled, as if he saw the concern written on my face.

I nodded, still awkwardly not knowing what to say, heck he was practically her father that she never had. I was meeting her adopted father and I felt nervous and awko taco.

He looked over at me and smiled. "So your the infamous boyfriend?"

I forced out a sad laugh. "Yea."

It was his turn to nod. "Thank you for everything you've done."

I was shocked, I wasn't the one who had offered to adopt her, the one who made her last minute cookies at midnight was him, not me. What had I done that he could possibly be thanking me for? Being with her when she passed out?

"For what?"

He shrugged. "She was...gloomy before she met you." Frank said taking a pause to think of how he was going to word it to me. "And than the minute you guys started to hang out she turned into this bright ball of light."

I couldn't have agreed with him more, she was a positive soul—and even when she has her bad moments she always is concerned over everyone around her and not herself.

She is the definition of selflessness.

Maybe that's why I call her Sunshine? I never had a reason, just for the fact that it fit her in the most perfect way possible.

But now I understand—it was because she was a ray a Sunshine in everyone's life, and for the life of me I don't think I could stand having that light being taken away from me.

"I guess she is pretty great." I said comically trying to lighten the mood; I even gained a slight laugh from Frank.

He shrugged and got up from the bed, standing just below my chin when I stood up along with him. Sunshine is short compared to us.

He just gave me a nod of appreciation before exiting the room and leaving me alone in May's hospital room. Gloomy, the opposite of what sunshine would want.

Well, if I can't see her until after the surgery I might as well will put myself to work.

Does anyone know a good interior designer?

Does anyone know a good interior designer?

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