twenty-seven ➶ adoption papers and skyscrapers

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A/N: you guys, I want a car but can't afford one. RIIIP my life.
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Chapter twenty-seven: adoption papers and skyscrapers

"Wh-at?" I stuttered.

"We have decided that we want to adopt you!" Fiona exclaimed and Frank grinned at me as they stood hand in hand next to my room door.

I couldn't form a coherent sentence. "B-but I have parents, and they take care of me,"

"Oh shut your trap, they left you and we want to be able to have a kid before we pass away." Frank grumbled.

I pursed my lips, that was a passive aggressive diss to my parents for sure. It was all true that what my parents have done to me was uncalled for, but adoption was like a slap in the face to them. How would I even go about asking such a thing to them?

"I-I don't know what to say."

"Well than don't, think it over and talk to us whenever your ready hot shot." Frank stated before pulling himself and his wife out of the room to leave me with my thoughts.

That's defiantly now how I thought my Wednesday would go, that's for sure. I huffed and walked over to my bed and grabbed my phone and wallet.

I decided this would be a good to time to clear my head, preferably sooner rather than later that's for sure.

My feet cracked the now growing leaves underneath it as I walked down the barely visible path I have breath taken since Adam had shown me it a long time ago.

The leaves of each and every tree were starting to turn brown and red, the green slowly fading away. I looked around trying to recall how to get there before I heard a noise behind me, someone cracked a twig underneath them.

I turned as quickly as I could only to come face to chest with someone, making me scream loudly into the fading sunlight at my impending doom. My ribs hurt from the sudden lurch in movement but I kept my scream going strong—after all, who wants to get raped in the woods?

Especially after getting hit by a car only two days ago....

The man clamped his hand over my mouth and shushed me to get me to shut up. The voice was recognizable and I looked up to see the strong features of Adam standing in front of me. I swooned of course but only after I punched him in the chest repeatedly.

I gave him a final hard punch before fuming at him. "Why would you do that to a person!?"

"Beacause that person is always easily flustered when she is scared." He quipped right away, gaining a small smile from me.

"Your an idiot." I mumbled.

"I'm your idiot." He said, grabbing my wrist and stepping closer to me so that our bodies shared the same body heat, making my neck and cheeks burn a bright red at the proximity.

He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me flush against him before leaning down and grazing his lips along my cheek and ear lob before whispering. "Now, what are you doing in the woods all by yourself?"

I scoffed. "Needed some fresh air."

He pulled back and held me at arms distance, analyzing my every move, looking for any faltering. "Well than let's talk about it shall we Sunshine?"

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