two ➶ police escort and parent support

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Chapter two: police escort and parent support

I pointed at our house and was embarrassed when he gawked at the massive size of the mansion that my parents owned. I didn't like people bringing me home just because of that fact.

He pulled in and I was quick to thank him. I had learned that his name was Donald Allioni and that he had a son in my grade that he thought I'd might know.

And of course I did.

He was none other than Adam Allioni, the typical bad boy who was the constant center of attention at our school.

I couldn't stand him. But than again, I don't have any friends or a boyfriend so I should probably stop hating on everyone.

I waved him goodbye as he pulled out of my driveway and I entered the house as quietly as I could, but not quite enough. My mom came stomping down the staircase and shot me the filthiest look I have ever seen.

If looks could kill, I'd be six feet under.

She came up next to me and took my right ear into her hand and dragged me into my dads office where he was sitting. He took off his glasses and quirked an eyebrow up at the way my mom had handled this situation.

My mom was a gold digger, she was twenty years younger than my dad and was only staying in this loveless relationship for the money. My mom—also known as Sherry, was a grade A asshole that never wanted any children.

My dad was in his early seventies and my mom was in her early fifties—they where not a good match and constantly fought all the time.

My dad, Xavier, slid his glasses off of his long freckled nose and gave my mom and I an annoyed look for barging into his private sanctuary of an office.

My mom scoffed and gave him a glare. "Your daughter was just dropped off by a police officer."

He straighten in his chair and gave me a confused and tired look. "What the hell could you have done when school isn't even over yet?"

Looking at the clock I realized that school would end in an hour and that made my situation ten times worse.

I struggled to come up with an excuse for why I skipped the first day of my senior year in high school. I opened my mouth to say something but was cut off by my overbearing mother. "I bet she was doing drugs and got caught at school."

I stepped away from her as far as possible and gave her a gross stare. "Do you really think I'm doing drugs?"

She rolled her eyes and shifted her stance in her five inch heels and flipped her blonde hair over her shoulder. "What else could you be doing? You've lost so much weight, and your fashion sense has gotten even worse."

I looked down at my outfit and saw my typical long sleeve shirt, yoga pants and Nike black tennis shoes. Since when was I not fashionable?

"You girls are fighting over nothing, I bet May has a perfectly good explanation for why she missed school today." My Dad chimes in, only making my mom and I groan loudly in unison.

When they looked at me expecting an answer I knew I couldn't keep it from them any longer, not like they would care anyway.

"I went to the doctor alright, no big deal." I grunted as I slumped own into the nearest chair, the fatigue once again getting to me.

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