twenty-five ➶ waking up and a shaking checkup

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A/N: I'm a terrible person! I didn't update for a total of six days! Good news, I'm back with a new and longer chapter for you all!
Some shits about to go down.....sorry not sorry.

Chapter twenty-five: waking up and a shaking checkup //un-edited//

My throat felt as if a thousand pounds of sandpaper had been thrown down my throat and only both my lungs and stomach. The water only aggravated it so I refused to drink it—much to everyone's dismay.

It was bizarre, I didn't remember a single thing from since the time I contacted the truck to right now—we'll all except hearing that conversation between my parents. I refused to talk to my mom now, she wasn't considered family when all we were to her was a bank account.

"Honey you need to drink." Betty mumbled as she pushed the stir foam cup towards my chapped lips.

I knew Betty had been having a hard day so I grudgingly took it and sipped it like a champion. Ultimate heavy weight sipper? I think so.

"When do I start up chemo again?" I asked.

Betty smiled down at me with a sadness in her eyes. "The doctor said he'll clear you Friday and we'll see how it goes from there."

I scrunched my eyebrows together. "But doesn't that mean I'll be at an even higher risk since I won't be getting treatment for a week?"

Betty didn't have to say anything for me to know that whatever state my cancer was before the accident was significantly better than what it was now.

I knock on the door broke away our telepathic connection and I saw my parents standing in the doorway with Adam—he had obviously grabbed them to alert that I had woken up.

"Honey I'll leave you guys to it." Betty whispered in my ear before leaving the room quietly.

I couldn't even begin to describe the anger I felt towards my mother, I could barely look at her. Xavier—my father sat down in the seat I had once found Adam in and held my hand.

"How's it going?" He asked, trying to stay calm.

Adam was quick to leave after giving my mom a chair like a true gentlemen and I didn't have enough time to wonder why before my disgrace of a mother turned her mouth back on. "May, what the hell were you thinking?! Driving drunk!"

"What! I would nev—" I tried but was interrupted by her once again.

"Oh I don't trust you anymore!" She yelled, her whole body shaking—everything including her double whammy implants.

"Well now don't be to harsh on her.." Father started off.

"Xavier! This girl is a manipulated liar! First the cancer and now th—"

"Hell no!" I screamed, the beeping on my heart rate machine beeping even faster than before—it spiking dramatically as I grew even more frustrated.

"Think about it, she only said she had cancer to get us away from her, to hang out with—with, that Adam boy!" She yelled, her arms flying everywhere as her face turned red from rage.

"That's out of line!" I yelped, the voice cracking as I spoke. "I have cancer because my bone marrow decided to fuck up my life, not because I wanted to get closer to Adam!"

"Well it sure doesn't look that way, with-with you guys hanging out all the time!" Mother responded, even louder than before.

I had to stop from rolling my eyes and contain my anger but when I saw Adam in the back corner of the room looking very uncomfortable—having no idea how to get out of this situation I lost my shit. "I'm done! I'm. Done." I stated.

The room went quite, the shock resting into the small crowd of people outside of my room watching and my parents.

I couldn't take it anymore.

My parents, this stupid cancer, I was done.

"What do you mean?" Father asked, his voice turning sober at the sudden statement.

My heart felt as if it were going to collapse and break into a million of pieces at the look he was giving me, the sadness evident in his dark eyes. My chest ached and my head pounded as my body took in the realization of what I just said.

This cancer couldn't defeat me, and yet I was being torn apart by it, limb by limb my body sunk into its madness. Betty, Frank, even Donna from the bus so long ago had faith in me—trust that I could beat this.

But I couldn't put up a facade anymore, I try to have the same courage and faith that they have in me, but I can't. I'm a terrible actor, a terrible liar—and yet I've convinced myself that life was worth living for.

But was it? Was I really worth a cent on this damned earth? Or was I meant to fail, mean to just supply the dirt with more fertilizer when I die?

"Oh speak up child! Answer when you are being talked to!" Mother yelled, but all I could do was stare back.

"Did you ever love me?" I mumbled, the tone of my voice turning cold.

Her eyes widened and she seemed to have been caught out of water as her mouth opened and closed like a fish—dying for its last breath.

"Of course I love you May." She said, stuttering and stumbling over her words.

It was all a script, she was the perfect actor to fill the sad role and I was her understudy, living in her shadow of a life and I was sick of it. Father should be ashamed for marrying that sad excuse of a mother.

"May, what do you mean 'your done'?" Xavier spoke up, clearly trying to differ the topic away from the strained relationship my mother and I had.

I shook my head, the heart rate monitor finally calming down. "Leave."

"What?" He asked, surprised.

"I said leave!"

He didn't argue and got up from the chair, only after kissing the knuckles of my hand and walking away. Dragging my mother out along with him the door shut with a click and only Adam and I were left alone in the room.

The air in the room was stale and I didn't know how to break it.

"How was football practice?" I spoke, voice cracking due to lack of water and hydration.

He chuckled, and I was thankful for it. "It was good," he started, walking up and taking the spot my dad once possessed next to me. "How are you feeling?"

I pursed my lips. "Okay I guess."

He just gave me a half a smile and shook his head in disbelief at my behavior. "You are sure something Sunshine."

I laughed—hard—my belly aching at How this man right next to me was abruptly put into my life and how I was immensely grateful for it, every single day. My laughing turned to a hard coughing spell and Adam was quick to hand me a cup of water.

Taking a sip I mumbled a thank you and he just scooted closer to me. "May, you worry me."

I knew he wasn't only talking about the crash, but about the conversation I had earlier with my parents. Referring to the fact that I had given up, but I was glad he didn't go any further into the topic.

A nurse came into the room and had to tell Adam visiting hours were over, even though he didn't put up much of a fight I was thankful that he had come anyway.

At least something in my life is going alright.

At least something in my life is going alright

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